Solar technology

Some of the latest technology, solar energy

Solar energy is the most natural form of energy available to us free of cost. The old man uses solar energy to make full use of Sun power for energy production to keep warm.

Solar energy can help humanity in several ways. However, the use of solar energy has not yet reached its height up to now the man is feeling the pain lost fossils has been used as excessively.

There are a few of the latest technologies of solar today, “he says. This technology is for inkjet technology.

Oregon State University solar equipment engineers “CIGS” (elements of copper, indium, gallium and selenium) with inkjet printing, has revolutionized how to work in the Office or at home. This new technology will reduce pollution and to 90% of the waste. Requires further research, however, several low-cost, high performance thin film cells become possible in the coming years.

The advantage of such products is essential to reduce the waste that would otherwise have occurred in previous models, “said Hung Chang Chih, a leader in the field. Inkjet technology not used depositions of compounds in the structure, but rather uses the technique of cheap produce a pattern. The work has been published in professional journals, patents for inventions.

Another important discovery is organic cells.

Qiquan Jiang Assistant Professor in science, electrical engineering, Department of the University and computer science, said that these organic cells are cheaper than traditional solar energy use electricity technology. Working on organic light-emitting diodes. Beauty of these cells is that their ability can be produced at low cost and more energy. These cells are produced through costly material, resulting in one world of renewable energy and green. Thanks to the ease of production greatly reduces costs.

New eating in this area is covered with gold links, developed by group of researches at the University of Warwick. First, it may seem that this would not be cheap but the thickness of the gold by only part of the millionth 8,000 meter. It is very profitable, even in the high brass of the current gold price gold maintenance information metre thickness is only small ultra 4.5 £. This relatively low cost recovered at the time, that provides unsurpassed flexibility in innovative products.

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How solar energy technologies

Solar energy technologies is a relatively new field, with the exception of one, which was a very exciting and full of opportunities for free, clean energy, will help to offset Our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is usually captured by using the links, which are panels of material, which you can capture the radiation from the Sun and convert to DC electricity. You can use this power to multiple computers and devices in the home. It should not be given to the sunlight, and extract the energy can be a very affordable way to home.

There are two types of solar energy technologies that exist today: passive solar, active solar energy. The main difference between these two is that solar thermal technology, in contrast to the passive, requires the use of mechanical or other traditional sources of energy, as fans and pumps for the conversion of heat or electricity to understand the energy from sunlight for home. Passive solar energy in just might be a tie in solar cells, which do not require other methods of conversion.

Until recently, this kind of solar energy technologies in reach dom, high costs and complex installation makes quite a power at home with solar radiation. However, recent events in the most cost-effective solar panel technology as well as many guides and manuals, which are available on the Internet, where you can view, you can create your own solar panel, it is truer that never to loosen grip of their utility companies maintain, expense, and not only allows you to supply a significant part of the free energy of the home page, use the smaller of the limited resources that we have left. With this in mind he does him good to explore their options for solar energy at home.

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Do solar, thermal softening technology of semiconductor demand blessing for solar energy?

Worldwide demand for semiconductors is falling in recent years, and experts predict that 2010 see the continuation of this trend. It is bad. The good news is that many smart companies begin to think green and change their approach to solar energy.

Green beams

Some scholars even solar boom predicted for 2010 and beyond, podsycane a combination of rising oil prices, the decline in demand for semiconductors and almost unlimited possibilities for solar energy. To cash in the next boom, several companies began remediation strategies of Semiconductor. They have good reason for optimistic, because they have a History of creating profitable processes to cut and shape of silicon, which is the main component of the Sun in the standard modules.

Solar thermal technologies

Even the Venerable Intel skoczyły chip Maker in the car spinning in the company of solar technology called Spectra Watts in 2008. The new company will not only manufactures and provides solar cells market picture, but uses a significant capacity for innovation, Intel, Spectra Watts also was charged with improving the process which ultimately will reduce the cost of photovoltaics manufacturing.

Can not be before the days of the announcement, Intel announced good giant IBM for the industry that the Alliance with the Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Tokyo Ohka to start a combination of copper selenide, indium and gallium arsenide thin film cells. Although neither of the two companies will manufacture the cells, it is a plan to combine their considerable intellectual perhaps to develop green technology licensed to other companies within two years, this means that the technology should begin solar market framework by 2010.

The good news for the adjustment of the text of all consumers have the frenzy that the solar market is Booming, that the cost of the Sun to power begins to decrease considerably. It is not so good news is that, how long is the price per watt of the Sun, causing the potential benefits for small businesses, which probably cannot compete with these giants such as Intel and IBM.

In the present situation is far from that America is a world leader in solar thermal technology. It is indeed for many countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and even the United States of Greece administration. If the current trend continues, there is a possibility that the United States will assume a more prominent position in solar technology in the coming years.

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New trends of solar technology in the world

Solar energy companies, the United States was the largest buyer of solar energy. While the United States is doing quite well to export solar thermal and solar technologies, there are many Americans who are still very prohibitive cost panels. It also offers that many countries have still not of the same use pattern solar advantages (tax credits, loans), like many other countries of the world.

The measure, which reduces the price of solar energy, Europe has had a greater demand for solar energy in other parts of the world. Only orders of Germany the amount of solar panels sold in the United States ever year. Better yet is the one larger commercial solar energy market in Europe than in the United States. Many European universities and universities were rebuilt their dormitories to run on solar energy. Heating of water in Europe most of solar energy, even if the Member State of origin is not a complete solar panel.

A recent report published by the emerging notes that between 2008 and 2020, being one of the largest producers of solar panels in the world of Germany. In Europe is not only a small supply of leading spaces, depending on solar energy systems. It is primarily a large scale (more than 1 MW) projects dozy reasonable new markets that have the shape of a new synthesis of the energy consumption in Europe. These large projects literally changed the way the contract companies and municipal residential See of solar energy. It has become increasingly easier for owners of companies acquire and install their panels of reduced tariffs and taxes.

In particular, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic the last planetary systems clients. These countries have begun to buy enough solar energy, its boundaries of changes in solar panels. Also have seen great changes in the authorization rules that facilitate these private homes have solar systems. Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic is that demand for solar energy is the same in the private sector (residential) industrial and commercial property. On the contrary, most other European Nations have seen a dramatic increase in the relatively stable demand of residential, commercial and industrial demand.

Japan, which also were at the forefront of solar panel imports, gave the panel a solar customers as the cost of gas and electricity is growing. Japan began to use solar panels for almost all new commercial and industrial building, including schools, hospitals and facilities of the Government. There are entire neighborhoods in Japan with residential solar panels. Iwaki District new city has, for example, about 46 House equipped with solar panels completely private. Environment is producing more than 310,000 kWh in one year, enough to feed more than 90 homes!

Japan also uses Sloneczna in puzzling locations. Japan is the only country to most of her automata with solar energy. Sharp, one of the largest solar panel production companies in Japan is of the view that it would be Japan 2010 by 4.8 million kilowatt hours of solar energy. As a result, solar is cheap to buy in Japan and created the most profitable Net metering in principle in the world.

Using solar energy is clearly not disappear in the near future. Solar energy may in fact be the next step for energy materials. If you have six homes in America with solar panels, could produce enough electricity to run the country as a whole. Basta is a House at a time!

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Solar thermal technology to save money

Solar thermal technology is a great method to store the full effectiveness of the environment and energy use, but if you want to quite frankly is not appropriate for all. Installations and equipment of solar energy is expensive. Some areas and the European Parliament are not suitable for power generation and in some places and does not offer the same incentives, becoming more hard decisions. To clear some of the questions and dilemmas, here are 5 questions you should ask them to find out if solar energy is adapted to the needs and the home.

Whether you are going to be at his place of residence for a long time?

Probably this is the first and most important issues of the energy of the solar powered by the hour. Solar energy System can be quite expensive ($ 10,000-$ 40,000 depending on the dimension and effect), both to buy property, must carefully consider Your alternatives. The ends of the average home to reduction of approximately 100-200 $/month, based on incentives and programs that are eligible for, so browsing is about four to three decades before the system pays for itself. If you are undecided about how much time will be at home, leasing equipment, solar would probably be your best option.

State/City what it is worth the trouble?

Is how to get there. Several Member States (especially California and Vermont) encourage seriously, purchase, installation and use of systems of solar panels on not only saves money, but can actually benefit is the additional power and selling the SRECs. Other countries do not have such programmes or, where appropriate, to generate the SREC program accreditation, so much more expensive for the same team. Do Your research and be sure to find all city, State and federal programmes, so as to kwalifikujesz.

Whether your House in a convenient location?

It may not be without the rays of the Sun on solar, so is the House label small (narrow House), or even a House that is obscured by trees, mountain slopes or structures would seriously limit the amount of energy, you can generate. It is not necessary massive upper direct sunlight solar makes sense, but the better his situation, the more money you can save the life of the panels.

Has considerable energy needs?

Determination of requirements for food can be difficult. Most of the people is not power, their houses are 100% solar energy, but you must have a well unless you need. A typical solar panel System produces between 1000-2000 kWh per month. To get a good idea can only be the amount of energy is the easiest way to look at Your electricity bill to see how much you’re using now. Alternatively, you can pass by his house and add electrical equipment which actually requires. For example, using a pc around 300-500 Watts, glaciers uses 500-1000 watts. How to change the kWh is too the overall level of energy consumption (for this instance, let’s say that only the team, and also in the fridge, so approximately 1200 Watts) times the period the seams should (again, think that both are used 24 hours a day), and you’ll receive a 28,800 watts hours (or 28.8 kWh). There are gadgets you can assess their use, or you can just watch your meter and measure what day or month to month.

Is essential for you are green?

Finally, it is important to the “go” to be green? For some of the cost, irritation, trying to get in the future and save almost any cash, depending on their circumstances, notwithstanding the positive effect is helpful in the environment. Green side Sun wants to intangible assets, must examine and decide it is worth. Finally, there are some costs associated with each decision, weigh all the consequences and opportunities carefully before making your final decision.

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5 key technical progress of the Sun

Many researchers and scientists have become energy independent, he worked tirelessly in the years trying to improve the technology of solar photovoltaic (PV) module, a panel of interconnected solar cells which convert solar energy to electricity. There have been many dramatic advances in PV module, but five of the most promising technologies advance solar radiation are:

Third-generation cell solares-tradicional is the conversion of solar energy, solar energy with the use of silicon and thin (Indian copper gallium selenide) CIGS and CdTe (cadmium telluride). Both are expensive to process and mass production. Third party material in addition to generating new solar silicon, which is more profitable.

Sensor solar panels, unlike traditional solar panels of photovoltaic energy, flat sheets, packaged combination reminds Cinema screen, automatically track the Sun. This technology of concentrated solar energy increases the sensor of 500-1000, generate 25 kW of electricity at the Summit.

Stirling energy systems (SES)-using a more advanced design, reduces the number of pages, making it stronger and better equipped for the environment of the desert, which concentrated photovoltaic systems that water for this system. The Stirling engine uses heat for heating gas, which expands to drive the motion of the piston. How runs the gas to cool, and motorcycles. Display engine efficiency by 30%, more than 20 percent of the votes in the PV systems.

High-cell-son rendimiento expected projects of national renewable energy Laboratory (NREL), but to activate the process technology of high efficacy against the objectives of the commercial products of prototype PV technology study of maximum performance doubled its solar to electricity conversion efficiency. This project is still under examination by the broad scope of complex issues, the initial experience of baseline and other advanced concepts.

Integrated building photovoltaics (BIPV)-yet in studies on NREL, focuses on the integration of photovoltaic panels in buildings under construction. BIPV will replace traditional building materials, such as roofs, windows, outgoing, walls, etc. to improve aesthetics of the building, the reliability of the system while reducing costs and losses of the mover.

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Technology improvement of new solar home

Solar Panel systems has always been criticized as bulky and without interest. New solar technology have begun to be criticism of the past.

Advancement Of The Sun

Although all agreed that solar energy is a source of energy, clean and cost-effective, has always been a problem. Solar Panel systems appear to be large and quite bulky. Not fairly adds to the beauty of House solar panel, although the project has been improved in years, new development entails, notes, and herpes zoster.

Glass fibre is a preview of an important project of photovoltaic for those who are reluctant to large solar panel systems. These tiles are, well, the cell. But replacing roof tiles have the appearance of regular physical roof. Although there are black, whether or not a function of the store from the roof in the form of bars. On the other hand, it seems that only the roof of regular and many people may not know the difference. This transparent design is of course much better than the spatial Design panel systems.

Technological advances that allow for this new technology is the invention of a thin film cells. Known as “amorphous Silicon thin film Technology” Stop “, designers mostly grow a solar panel for traditional machinery and made some of the issues. They are the materials used in panels were not the only ones that could be used. Without going too much technical team were APPROACHED with a solution, with more efficient cells, you can build on the ground, steel. Each cell super thin was adapted to capture different spectra of sunlight. When the layer above the other, they were very effective for energy production.

The final result is a system which you can sit directly on the roof of a building or a building is more effective than a regular solar panels and a much more attractive with a Visual design. If you’re the excuse does not use solar energy, in the past, the system was bulky, it is necessary to rethink the Sun.

This new technology will be a breakthrough, we waited in solar energy? It is already, if we consider only the following:

1. the United States Army built a solar-powered Community using it.

2 Museums in Beijing become her.

3 Habitat for humanity is using the file system on many houses, it is based.

4 Lockheed Martin experimenting with technology as a source of energy for high-altitude flights.

In the opinion of many experts, this new technology represents a breakthrough in the field of solar energy. With the explosive energy prices, the best solution represents the Sun decrease Our dependence on oil and gas, limited resources. Sun will provide free happily, in the foreseeable future.

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Solar solar energy technology in the future

With solar energy is increasingly popular in today’s society, researchers find new ways to make the conversion of light from the Sun in the vital energy, more efficient and cheaper to manufacture.

Now solar panels to cut crystalline silicon for less than one inch Thick plate of really small. These small thin disks are carefully polished and to repair any damage caused by the cutting process. After polishing, espacian of doping and of metallic conductors (materials add changes to the solar photovoltaic solar cell electrical Supplement) for each disk. The records are arranged in a grid pattern in the upper part of the solar panels. The Panel is covered with sheets of thin protection, is attached to the Panel. It is then attached to the base with cement material heat very expensive. The cement must be helpful channel away excess heat panel, so that they do not have cells. Although such panels are not as effective as you would like to most researchers. Also are quite expensive and still have a tendency to over-heat.

David Ginger, Professor of chemistry at the University of Washington and his team of researchers who may have found the answer. They find a way to create exceptionally small screenshots Bubbles and channels (apoximately 10,000 times smaller than human hair), organic solar cells in plastic. Is that if the plastic polymers extends bubbles sheets and baked and channels will serve as the natural consequence of the heating process. Intensity and duration of heat or affects the configuration of the bubbles. Configuration of the photovoltaic efficiency or balloons dictating machines.

Paul Berger, Professor of electrical and computer engineering and Professor of physics at Ohio became plastic polymers to conquer and convert sunlight into energy efficiency. Berger and his team found to add little silver for plastic polymer nano-particles has increased the efficiency of solar panels (electricity generated per square centimetre) has increased by nearly 12 per cent. “Small particles of silver, capture a broader range of polymer wavelengths of sunlight that normally it would be possible, which in turn increases the output current,” says Berger.

In the meantime Brian Korgel, engineer at the University of Texas is working on the Sun “in writing”. These nano-particles Sun inks can be printed on a substrate of plastic or stainless steel. Alternatively, you can paint directly on the ceiling or parts of buildings. Korgel and his team hopes that this technology can reduce production costs 1/10th of all is today!

As our society focuses more and more solutions ‘ green energy ‘ growing need for research to more energy-efficient technologies to solar radiation. It is hoped that with the promotion of these technologies, the use of solar energy economically poor one day completely replace fossil fuels.

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