New trends of solar technology in the world

Solar energy companies, the United States was the largest buyer of solar energy. While the United States is doing quite well to export solar thermal and solar technologies, there are many Americans who are still very prohibitive cost panels. It also offers that many countries have still not of the same use pattern solar advantages (tax credits, loans), like many other countries of the world.

The measure, which reduces the price of solar energy, Europe has had a greater demand for solar energy in other parts of the world. Only orders of Germany the amount of solar panels sold in the United States ever year. Better yet is the one larger commercial solar energy market in Europe than in the United States. Many European universities and universities were rebuilt their dormitories to run on solar energy. Heating of water in Europe most of solar energy, even if the Member State of origin is not a complete solar panel.

A recent report published by the emerging notes that between 2008 and 2020, being one of the largest producers of solar panels in the world of Germany. In Europe is not only a small supply of leading spaces, depending on solar energy systems. It is primarily a large scale (more than 1 MW) projects dozy reasonable new markets that have the shape of a new synthesis of the energy consumption in Europe. These large projects literally changed the way the contract companies and municipal residential See of solar energy. It has become increasingly easier for owners of companies acquire and install their panels of reduced tariffs and taxes.

In particular, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic the last planetary systems clients. These countries have begun to buy enough solar energy, its boundaries of changes in solar panels. Also have seen great changes in the authorization rules that facilitate these private homes have solar systems. Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic is that demand for solar energy is the same in the private sector (residential) industrial and commercial property. On the contrary, most other European Nations have seen a dramatic increase in the relatively stable demand of residential, commercial and industrial demand.

Japan, which also were at the forefront of solar panel imports, gave the panel a solar customers as the cost of gas and electricity is growing. Japan began to use solar panels for almost all new commercial and industrial building, including schools, hospitals and facilities of the Government. There are entire neighborhoods in Japan with residential solar panels. Iwaki District new city has, for example, about 46 House equipped with solar panels completely private. Environment is producing more than 310,000 kWh in one year, enough to feed more than 90 homes!

Japan also uses Sloneczna in puzzling locations. Japan is the only country to most of her automata with solar energy. Sharp, one of the largest solar panel production companies in Japan is of the view that it would be Japan 2010 by 4.8 million kilowatt hours of solar energy. As a result, solar is cheap to buy in Japan and created the most profitable Net metering in principle in the world.

Using solar energy is clearly not disappear in the near future. Solar energy may in fact be the next step for energy materials. If you have six homes in America with solar panels, could produce enough electricity to run the country as a whole. Basta is a House at a time!