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Drawbacks of Solar Power

The potential drawbacks of solar power and their solutions .

Solar power is one of the most cutting-edge inventions of modern times. It’s an efficient way of harvesting the solar energy, and one that you can use in order to power the various electric devices that you may have in your home. There are many benefits when it comes to the use of solar power, and you can find the lists of these benefits in many articles in the world online. But now we’d like to talk a bit about the potential drawbacks of solar power.

First of all, it’s a fact that the source of solar power is the sun. So, the first potential drawback is the fact that the earth operates on a 24-hour day-night cycle. So, in short, there’s no solar energy to harvest during the night. Of course, depending on the efficiency of the models of the off grid solar kits that we use, we can still make it work so as to harvest as much solar power as we can during the day, and this can offset the loss of solar power at night.

The second potential drawback of solar power comes in the form of inefficiency. Even the most powerful solar power systems that harvest the energy of the sun can harvest an amount of no more than 20% of all of the sun rays. Of course, the challenge lies ahead of us to increase this percentage of efficiency and effectiveness, and we firmly believe that with time mankind will make the necessary technological advancements to reach the higher percentages of efficiency, even up to 100%.

The third in line among the drawbacks of solar power is the fact that the solar power harvesting devices need to be turned towards the sun in order to be effective in capturing the rays. If the solar power harvesting devices are fixed and unmovable, then there arises the issue of them not being faced towards the sun and losing in efficiency. But some of the most advanced models of solar panel kits nowadays are created with the functionality of being able to follow the sun. Of course, this is a somewhat more expensive technology than the counterpart, but it’s also a lot more effective one.

The final drawback that the opponents of solar power drill about is the fact that the solar panel kits can come as a rather steep initial investment. They aren’t exactly cheap. But once you consider the fact that this is a one-time investment that will save you thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise spent on electrical energy, then it is really easy to make up your mind on the matter at hand and to realize that in the end, you will even save money.

So, we have posted all of the potential drawbacks of solar power that come to mind, and as you see, they all have their antidotes. So, solar power use is not something that should be feared, but we should invest more money and effort into the improvement of the capacities of harvesting this new form of energy.