Solar technology

Some of the latest technology, solar energy

Solar energy is the most natural form of energy available to us free of cost. The old man uses solar energy to make full use of Sun power for energy production to keep warm.

Solar energy can help humanity in several ways. However, the use of solar energy has not yet reached its height up to now the man is feeling the pain lost fossils has been used as excessively.

There are a few of the latest technologies of solar today, “he says. This technology is for inkjet technology.

Oregon State University solar equipment engineers “CIGS” (elements of copper, indium, gallium and selenium) with inkjet printing, has revolutionized how to work in the Office or at home. This new technology will reduce pollution and to 90% of the waste. Requires further research, however, several low-cost, high performance thin film cells become possible in the coming years.

The advantage of such products is essential to reduce the waste that would otherwise have occurred in previous models, “said Hung Chang Chih, a leader in the field. Inkjet technology not used depositions of compounds in the structure, but rather uses the technique of cheap produce a pattern. The work has been published in professional journals, patents for inventions.

Another important discovery is organic cells.

Qiquan Jiang Assistant Professor in science, electrical engineering, Department of the University and computer science, said that these organic cells are cheaper than traditional solar energy use electricity technology. Working on organic light-emitting diodes. Beauty of these cells is that their ability can be produced at low cost and more energy. These cells are produced through costly material, resulting in one world of renewable energy and green. Thanks to the ease of production greatly reduces costs.

New eating in this area is covered with gold links, developed by group of researches at the University of Warwick. First, it may seem that this would not be cheap but the thickness of the gold by only part of the millionth 8,000 meter. It is very profitable, even in the high brass of the current gold price gold maintenance information metre thickness is only small ultra 4.5 £. This relatively low cost recovered at the time, that provides unsurpassed flexibility in innovative products.





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