Technology improvement of new solar home

Solar Panel systems has always been criticized as bulky and without interest. New solar technology have begun to be criticism of the past.

Advancement Of The Sun

Although all agreed that solar energy is a source of energy, clean and cost-effective, has always been a problem. Solar Panel systems appear to be large and quite bulky. Not fairly adds to the beauty of House solar panel, although the project has been improved in years, new development entails, notes, and herpes zoster.

Glass fibre is a preview of an important project of photovoltaic for those who are reluctant to large solar panel systems. These tiles are, well, the cell. But replacing roof tiles have the appearance of regular physical roof. Although there are black, whether or not a function of the store from the roof in the form of bars. On the other hand, it seems that only the roof of regular and many people may not know the difference. This transparent design is of course much better than the spatial Design panel systems.

Technological advances that allow for this new technology is the invention of a thin film cells. Known as “amorphous Silicon thin film Technology” Stop “, designers mostly grow a solar panel for traditional machinery and made some of the issues. They are the materials used in panels were not the only ones that could be used. Without going too much technical team were APPROACHED with a solution, with more efficient cells, you can build on the ground, steel. Each cell super thin was adapted to capture different spectra of sunlight. When the layer above the other, they were very effective for energy production.

The final result is a system which you can sit directly on the roof of a building or a building is more effective than a regular solar panels and a much more attractive with a Visual design. If you’re the excuse does not use solar energy, in the past, the system was bulky, it is necessary to rethink the Sun.

This new technology will be a breakthrough, we waited in solar energy? It is already, if we consider only the following:

1. the United States Army built a solar-powered Community using it.

2 Museums in Beijing become her.

3 Habitat for humanity is using the file system on many houses, it is based.

4 Lockheed Martin experimenting with technology as a source of energy for high-altitude flights.

In the opinion of many experts, this new technology represents a breakthrough in the field of solar energy. With the explosive energy prices, the best solution represents the Sun decrease Our dependence on oil and gas, limited resources. Sun will provide free happily, in the foreseeable future.