How to create a Solar Panel from scratch

Learn how to create a solar panel from scratch is fun and still want some additional skills. This article will provide brief but clearly the DIY guide to create a solar panel from scratch, i.e. things that are irrelevant to her, and does not throw dust bin or what valuable yet now found all use. To prepare to learn something new today by taking a few minutes to read this article.

Required elements:

However, all the necessary elements are found in and around his house and have no pains to buy something new to the solar panel here. The elements listed below;

screwdriver or

or a wooden Saw. (Electronic Sierra wood should be preferred and Saw a hand)

Soldering Stechkin or

Machine for drilling or

copper cables or

Snipping Tool or cutting cables.

or brush.

Electrical welding paste or

or leaf Plexiglas.

or silicon Calc.

Or rosin flux pen.

These were some of the elements should be fully virtual memory elements, which will be used to create the solar panel. Virtual memory elements used are the following:

wooden floor coverings or of great length and width

Tin tubes or

However, there are some items that were purchased in the shop equipment. They are UV varnish protection and span. But even this may be, if you have already used a solar panel.

How To:

or cut the plywood dimensions that can accommodate all of the cells and the paint cut wood with a UV varnish protection.

or a combination of each cell each other via cables and solder them, but before that make sure the apply to all sample bars in cells using flow pen Rosin fluxes.

or attach the plywood using silicon Calafate dabs of these cells.

and remember to accommodate gaps two wires are deducted from the last cell in the solar system. They were fed with the cables through the holes, after critical sealing with silica beads.

or the next step is to drill holes in the plexiglass on screw stays through them.

or build a framework to support Plexiglas.

or use silicon and screws included with plywood frames Plexiglas cells.

a solar panel, or by what is ready. Make sure that the carefully collected all the parts.