Why power from solar energy?

Solar energy is not used in many homes, but should be. What is solar energy? Is the conversion of Sunlight usable electricity for any solar (PV) or indirect method, using the resources concentrated solar energy water divide and create a fuel produced from the hydrogen through Artificial photosynthesis. In General, devices to monitor the application of concentrated solar energy of Sunlight into a focus of large, small or large mirrors and lenses. Method of photovoltaic converts light to electric current using the photoelectric effect. Solar energy can be quite powerful.

Solar supplied only 0.02% of total energy consumption in the world in 2008, although we must be more. Both methods are applied and polished, but it is too early to say what will dominate or is it better adapted to the world on the other. Not only is it cheaper to use, collection and storage, but it is free to obtain sunlight. Electricity production in the Mediterranean, now we are too expensive. The cost of placing solar panels only once. Then in the last 30-40 years before they must be replaced. The cost of coal is growing and must always be paid.

Solar energy is economically more appropriate General coal electricity. It is not only better for the environment, but that the cheaper it is run. Still working to improve, so that you can use to run the electricity, gas and coal. The Government is now creating the incentives for households that are choosing to use the Sun to other forms of electricity. In Canada, bebøre, solar on their homes to sell their power not used and stored to the electricity grid, which is why the energy grid, the use of this place lights in other homes. Would increase the chances of many users of solar energy to heat, light and run their households.

Since solar power is not available during hours of the night, when the Sun is down, it is additional, it is important that your home can have energy in the evening to save energy. Wind power and solar power are intermittent energy sources both, that is Why when you can get energy, should be as far as possible and save it. In the absence of wind and need not be any light from the Sun, the difference may be, where is the power to the storage of information.

Molten salts can store solar energy at high temperatures and low costs. Full reservoir can store approximately 40 hours of departure on the efficiency of 99%. In fact, energy networks may store and use solar energy when needed. Solutions not only to the time when you cannot use natural gas for electricity, but the net metering programs give credit for energy. Solar energy can be effectively used for power supply. You can not only save on energy costs, but can provide a better environment for living.