What sol survival gear, you should purchase the 2011-2012?

When preparing for emergencies and disasters, such as the criteria to become advocates of the fire, and can be read and the basic knowledge of first aid and begin the Star “. Understand these points, so the next thing to do, so you have a portable computer and in this article we will be in the highest gear survival 3 sol, you should buy.

Power source) in the late 19th century, the solar Generator — this device is equipped with 1800 Watts and 4 slots. If you plan to prepare, is in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), such as the family of the children in 5 or less and must buy this device quickly because it is produced in the United States and more than 2-3 weeks to ship.

2) Camp Base Solar Kits do not camp or RV or other trip take? This device is intended for fun and the preservation of its rich and modules. If you wanted to go camping, but does not want to bring the whole system, you can leave home and take only the necessary information. If they are in emergency situations and needs, and all forces, on the other hand, it may take up to 700 Watt. And if even more power, you can buy more solar panels and battery assemblies into the system.

3) Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit-if you know you need power and something that is really easy and specialist clinics, then, this company offers a very low power. 120 watts of electricity and solar panel will be submitted to the inverter with you will be ready any time. This device fits in your backpack can fairly and to ensure that enough yet for power devices connected on the go.

Most people want to do is to examine the lifestyles and budgets and decide which one is best. Families who have children under five, if your budget allows, it intends to buy power at the end of the 19th century, the solar generator. And fun recreational activities that families and should continue at the same time, buy the Base prepared for camp Solar Kit. There are several alternatives to the Base camp on the solar panels, and a few lead Kits, for example, pay for, but is dependent on the lifestyles and budgets for each consumer. And for those who need something that is not so expensive, but still powerful and portable, survivalists buy Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit.

Regardless of the device that you select, and have been tested in those departments with sufficiently and establish sufficient product reviews in order to understand these are the top gear survival 3 sol in 2011 and is likely to be good in 2012. The source of power of the 19th century, the unit is the original, and takes place in the USA and the PRC is not an error, so it exists. Camp Base Solar Kit is handled by the company, whose owners use their devices to their own adventures. And also refers to the Sherpa 120 Explorer Kits from the same manufacturer. Make sure that you buy solar energy before something happens, however, to avoid the Crazy man, which he did everything to prepare for, and rushes shops and take all deliveries.