What are the survival of the Sun gear should I 2011-2012?

As he prepares for emergencies and disasters, a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics such as starting a fire, to understand how to read the stars and basic first aid. Understand these points, so the following to make sure that the portable power, this article will describe a higher survival progress 3 Sun should buy.

(1) the Source of solar energy generator 1800 this device is able to deliver the 1800 Watts and 4 slots. If you intend to prepare and has a small family of medium medium as children of 5 or more below and must buy this device quickly because of its production in the United States and move to 2-3 weeks to ship.

(2) the Base Camp of solar Kits do this camping, RV, or though any other type of travel? This device is designed for survival and the fun because of their universal. If I wanted to go camping, but you don’t want to bring the entire system, you can leave the House and take only the necessary information. If they were in an emergency situation and the need for power, has on the other hand, you can get up to 700 watts. And if you want even more power, you can buy more solar panels and battery sets to add to the system.

(3) 120 Kit Explorer Sherpa-if you know need a portable computer’s energy and something that is really easy and advanced, and then the entity shall provide sufficient power. 120 Watts of power and put a solar panel is enabled, the investor will be ready for whatever. Can this device fairly fit in your backpack and still provide sufficient to feed equipment anywhere.

What do you want to do most of the people is a look at their budgets and styles of life and decide which one is best. Families that are less than 5, permitting its budget to purchase 1,800 Solar generator. And those whose family fun Recreation and still finished at the same time buy Kit Solar camp base. There are several options for the Solar Base Camp Kit makes payment in several panels and such, but depends on lifestyle and budget for each consumer. And for those who need something that is not so expensive, but still powerful and portable, Survivalists buy 120 Sherpa Explorer Kit.

Regardless of which device select, I have looked at enough of these units and the fact that sufficient product reviews of these are higher survival 3 Sun 2011 progress and probably good in 2012. XIX-the power units is original and is in the United States and China, is not the absence of material error. Basic set of Solar Camp is operated by a company whose owners use their computers in their own adventures. And it is also true for 120 Explorer Kit because the Sherpa of the same manufacturer. Remember to buy solar energy before something happens, however, to avoid the fools that did nothing to prepare and rushes to the shops and to take all the supplies.