Understanding of the PV solar electricity

The abundant energy of the Sun is future perfect power. Given the steady increase in BILLS of MATERIALS for energy, petroleum products and conventional media that feed us our lives, we look at other means of energy a reasonable choice.

PV solar electricity takes place by means of solar panels or photovoltaic (PV). These cells is based on Silicon. When it is exposed react in sunlight to know to generate an electrical charge. This is a core component of this technology. In the 19th century, who Devised the inventor called Charles Fritts way transform sunlight into electricity. He created the first prototype of a Solar Panel. Selenium cells used in this prototype. Though not as effective as the silicon cell now we use conversion to less than 1% of light in electricity, compared to 12% for last Pvs, expanded the imagination of man in energy production.

Today’s Sun be ever changing cells more efficient, more effective and more economical. Costs only has to decide for a solar energy system is the equipment and installations. After the rough will be solar is free. There are three main types of systems:

Portable type: produces less power than other types of products but compensating with its compactness and ease of transport, where you may need.

Regardless of the causes of this type use a cell number of PV the amount of energy to be used. Solar panels will normally be installed in the ceiling or the floor. Used when the grid is unreliable, isolated places or simply want to be independent of the energy companies.

Independent of type of a similar type connected to a network from the installation but standing next to the key features of the local energy company. In this configuration reduces the effect will it have permission for the company by providing either him or receivers for solar when eaten it produces less than to sell surplus power enterprise and only buy it in the days when the use of force, as well as in the night.

This is the core technology in solar cells. Advances in battery cell technology for more efficient use of sunlight. Silicon cells, either monocrystalline best materials used in Pvs rates, but the complexity of the production is expensive. MULTICRYSTALLINE Silicon cells is best, along with weighing the relationship between price and performance; It is less costly, but the performance of the production of energy from sunlight falls slightly. Amorphous silicone cells are cells that produce the thinnest and lightweight. Although they lack high-efficiency crystalline Silicones do not they ignored. They are cost-effective and can be used on many surfaces.

During the creation of solar energy and receive the sunshine reacts to produce electricity. The electric current, led by metallic contact persons subject to the Panel. They are collected as direct current (DC). They now go to the free driver for Moderating DC input stream. The investor is then the next stop to convert DC to AC, which is often used in devices. Another controller free power is placed on providing for multiple cards. You can go directly to the sockets for home use, you may go to batteries to store information (the batteries are not always necessary, especially with the type of grid connected) or to the counter, and then the main source of the certification authority that is, the local energy company. This is a model of solar electricity system.