Solar powered charger

Solar Chargers convert DC solar energy to charge the battery. They may be mounted on fixed or portable. If mounted on fixed structure typically are known as solar panels and are often connected to the electrical grid, so it can provide electricity to the grid when there is too much used directly or stored in batteries, which are connected. Portable solar chargers are not grid connected and used exclusively for charging batteries or devices such as mobile phones and portable computers. Can normally be used even in conditions (though typically it will speed the slower free) light and is increasingly popular for backup and emergency power trip, camping or travelling. In General, are the Chargers drop, which means that a slowly charging the battery and the risk of excess (causing injuries) are minor.

Quite easily make their own plots of charger and instructions on how to make a battery charger (left photo) are in the solar battery charging instructions, with more information about how to make different types of Chargers here. However, for those Sloneczna users who need a more elegant and easily portable solution, as shown on the right, there are a number of finished solar chargers are available online.

Portable solar charger is designed for a number of programs and data collection devices, car and boat batteries for portable computers and mobile phones that operate outside of the electricity grid. However, it should be noted that smaller loaders are generally smaller sizes of Watt, the ability of your battery charger is slower than the larger and more expensive to buy a charger is therefore advisable to prepare a compromise price, volume and speed of the considered free to the user. Another factor to consider is whether the battery charger contains its own or not. If not, will be taken until the batteries and then, you can use at any time to charge the device, but if you do not have batteries, can be used only when there is enough light from the Sun.

There are many suppliers online. Some are specific to certain individuals, while others come from the number of connections to different devices. Some are rigid and others are flexible and smaller shippers can backpacks, hiking, charging or placed on the Board of managers of the car or wherever receives direct sunlight. It is possible to purchase the gadget that measures the intensity of the light and you know how good are the conditions for the post. Prices range from as little as two or three hundred RAND smaller shippers several thousand RAND to the largest.