Solar Panel supplements

Increase the value of your home, save energy 50% and reduce greenhouse greenhouse gases and its dependence on fossil fuels? Download Solar Panel supplements! Sun transfers energy to the surface of the Earth in one hour, used by people for the whole year, but at the moment we do not most of this resource is free and plentiful. Reject not the circulation solar panels as too costly, solar panel supplements, particularly in the United States and Great Britain (sustainable energy Ireland is fine). Consider the advantages, it is worth their time and energy tax incentives and subsidies for solar panel.

Before considering a solar panel supplements, it is important to determine the type of solar energy are carried out. There are two types of solar collectors: solar panels (PV) solar water heaters. This is important because the type of solar collector will affect solar panel supplements the type for which he is entitled.

As its name suggests, solar water heaters heat water for use in the home (for the bath water, washing, dishwashers, dryers, etc.). Old solar panel heated with a mixture of technology, antifreeze, which was then used to heat the water, but the new rule is to directly heat the water used. This direct heating is environmentally friendly and energy efficiency. Direct heating of the evacuated tubes can often be used with existing water heater, and there are no moving parts, so committed is minor or maintenance. In most cases the evacuated tubes provide a family of 4-5 persons. Heat just until the water pipes heat and return to Your hot water tank. This kind of solar energy, you can work in the months of winter and cloudy days when work is also a good Southern exposure. There are many good sites there, which can be paired with professional installers in your area. There are also sets ambitious owners wishing to make switch to solar water heating. But with his Government before installing panels, because in some areas (for example, the United Kingdom) receives grants from the solar panel, it depends on obtaining professional installation.

SOLS generates electricity (instead of simply heat water) of solar energy. It is more expensive to install and is often seen in the main buildings and office space, though more commonly for photovoltaic panels find in regular houses. PV requires only natural light, direct sunlight to generate electricity, it is still possible to activate devices and light on murky days.

Photovoltaic systems use cells transform sunlight into electricity. The PV cell consists of one or two layers of semi conducting material, usually Silicon. When the light shines in the cell creates an electric field layers, causing electricity to flow. Greater intensity of the light, the more electricity. PV cells refer to the amount of energy generated in full sunlight, known as kilowatt peak or kWp.

Eligible solar PV panel, use the installer completes the certificates and the products. They may also consider a solar panel grant to strengthen its PV roof surfaces are light and the roof must be strong enough to support its weight.