Solar landscape lighting solutions

Light the night in the open air along roads and Stairs provides security, comfort and beauty. He directs the company to the doors, the visitors maintained continually stumble in the dark and you can highlight the artistic landscape.

To get electricity to relevant places in your yard can be an obstacle for the installation of the lighting of the landscape. It can be costly and slow dig ditches and gardens of the tool, you can cut the buried pipes. Improper electrical connections is another potential danger.

Solar energy lights using Sun DC electricity is the lighting of large landscape option (Figure 1). There is no need for cables and can easily be moved. They are photo sensors automatically activate switch and, day and night. Best of all the sunlight requires not the combustion of fossil fuels, and create no polluting carbon dioxide.


The sand of the Beach is made of silicon, the second most abundant element on Earth. Multiple PV cells are made from purified form of Silicon.

PV cells have two pages, one of the electrons (negatively charged) and one from the lack of electrons (positive charge). When it hits the solar solar electrons knocked to the disadvantage of PV cell side to positive. Starts the flow of electrons through tiny wires plugged into every cell.

Flows of electrons all cells PV provides circuit produces direct current (DC) electricity. This energy allows you to recharge your batteries built right in view of the countryside, where they are stored until night, and is then used to turn on the lights.

The electrons are the only thing that moves the PPE in the cell. Because it contains no moving parts to break, a tin of cells last for over twenty years.


There are many types of PV lighting. Use fluorescent small illuminated in red line roads and security light, beam 4 Watts (the equivalent of 16 Watt incandescents), select the door or the base of the ramp (table 1). Too shady spots with detachable photovoltaic lamps. There are even security PV lights triggered by the heat or motion clips. Choose which adapt to the environment and needs.


Works fine in both cells Sun PV as possible during the day. The most current PV landscape light has cells built on the lamp. This will be the most receive the light of the Sun. Check whether your yard several times during the sunny day to make sure that the selected installation location will be given a sufficient quantity of sunlight.

Install the light permanent establishments on the ground before the introduction of the light source. Never power on the PV Panel, even.

PV lights are easy to install and easy to remove. If I steal installs its sails, with the exception of cause for concern. Drilling of holes in two or three large enough for a 3-inch nails galvanized the game near the elongated. Fill a large pot of plastic cement. Nail games-from the stand-on it and hope that the strengthening of cement. Buried in the selected site and attach the lamp must be underlined, for example the pot plants.

PV landscape light must offer at least one twelve-month warranty.





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