Solar heating with solar concentrators

Solar concentrators aim transforming light into focus on collector for measuring 10 ‘ x 10 ‘ in size. Solar concentrators are used more to the agenda which require a large number of solar hot water heating. Solar concentrators consists of paraboliczne of the dish, which reflects the light on the small meeting. This is similar to the concept of small area using the Magnifier focus sunlight. At high temperatures focused on a small, water can be heated very quickly, and can be used for solar heating. The selector is usually dark-coated and has specific features which absorbs 97% of the light waves. The selector is a shock absorber. In the absorbent is that the system of tubes filled with a way of transferring heat (usually water with properties of anti-freeze). The water is heated the concentrated light and then fed the reservoirs of hot water. The heat exchanger is installed in the building and is used to separate the fresh water of hot water. Fresh water flows through another pipeline to collectors, while boiling water reservoirs of hot water. Heat exchanger comes in as small as a paper size to as large as the garbage garbage container. In most cases, however, the heat exchanger can have linked 3 hub SolarBeam If required movement rate of hot water is approximately 4 litres per minute. If a higher throughput is required, the most purchased the heat exchanger.

Better heating hot water are those that achieve efficiencies of 85% to heat water to 90 degrees Celsius. Living material into SolarBeam uses sets of data collectors for ranges of low wavelength light absorption of thermal and high-capacity. A more selective and layer spectral absorption rate of 90-95% and emissions from 5 to 15%.

Performance affects the design of the bag: namely affects specific optical and thermal losses. optical radiation Sun describe the loss ratio, which may not be absorbed by the shock absorber. With regard to Solar concentrators are fundamental to ensure that all light is reflected in the curve paraboliczne 10 ‘ x 10 ‘ selector. If the form is not ideal, reduces the effectiveness because some light sources reflected in areas outside of the collector. Thermal loss depends, the temperature difference between the absorber and the outside air, isolation, and the construction of the collector. For the sample flat and the difference between absorption and the outside air to rise, increased heat losses and decreases performance. Solar concentrators have the advantage that they do not lose effectiveness even when the ambient temperature drastically.

Save hot water, you can use an unvented tanks of stainless steel, enamel or plastic-coated steel and copper. Stainless steel is more sensitive to water containing high chloride. Enamel tanks is equipped with a magnesium or external anodes for galvanic corrosion protection purposes. Best information storage tanks are copper. The advantages of copper is its clarity and ease of use of varying sizes.





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