Solar heating of the Sun

About solar heating fuel use for this resource may be available in different forms, but generally grouped into two main categories; active and passive solar heating. Home owners who want to enter the House in order to exploit this constant energy-renewable resources and those who want to build a new home has recently become increasingly interested in the use of solar energy, this technology has given the huge jump in efficiency with the first increase in popularity has increased in the early half of the 1970s. What are some of the ways in which we can apply this technology to us? We will have to go beyond those categories and learn the techniques …

Fist, look at House of passive solar system, and how it generally. Although that was a good idea to use the Windows facing the Sun routes for heat passively at home, to some extent, now with more advanced production window (types of double and triple, void, or for special panels impregnated gas, etc.), this agreement, passive solar heating is absolutely super-charged. I’m usually more here’s something very special companies “replace windows” (if not all of these days) to build up their windows, insulation and fruits of the Sun. All Windows of this type are sufficiently effective, building a “solar House passive ‘ this technique.

This is in fact so effectively now that you better for your electricity bill keep the curtains, closed in the warmest parts … the summer you can see sunlight can illuminate a room sufficiently even with closed, depending on the type of gardiner Gardiner, but if they are open, you should definitely use Your air conditioner. The effectiveness of windows these days ago in the sense of a very practical, thermal lens and literally. From the closed curtains (and possibly windows Open a little traffic), even if necessary, some extra artificial lighting, the rooms remain fresh enough to not need klimånlæg, which cost more than artificial light. Keep this good in mind for the sake of good energy efficiency. Opens the window and the window to open the shadow should be sufficient protection and flow in the lamp.

Active solar heating is that housing through solar panels is substantially more efficient than they were decades ago. Sun House roof equipped with cells almost is not so expensive it was in days long. Be used for a few panels of 2 x 5, installed in the ceiling would contribute up to $ 12,000 or so would be to most of the equipment or perhaps everyone in a small house. These days, two hundred dollars for the parts to build from, and each of these panels, depending on the skill Builder, you can flow the air conditioner, home center PC and Entertainment all in one or many build your own cheap parts purchased one cost of previous panels, less than one.






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