Solar energy solutions home

Solar energy is not in fact “brainer”. Free energy from the Sun. And all you need is a “Coordinator of transit” to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. There are different ways you can capture the Sun for different needs. Here are solutions to a brilliant solar energy at home:

1. solar cooking

It is simply a small table that it requires no fuel to cook boil, cali, roast and cook food in a solar cooking. Cooking the meals will save a ton of energy of the Sun. The disadvantage of solar cooking is that it takes some time to Cook with is not, some prominent food on the table and ‘ sounds ‘ for meals (and it is good, as microwave food is very low quality, and some say very harmful to health). This is more the pot, but which kept the cash and, of course, creates a plentiful meal with it.

2 Solar Lighting for household

Emergency lighting system, solar home makes basic PV solar electricity for use in all the needs of home lighting. This way, the large home solar energy solutions because it kills Your Electric Bill! Even during the night of the solar energy stored in the cells is still very light usage. Never had to worry about the cost of electricity by solar lighting system into the home.

3 solar house

Solution for large solar energy in your home is the House of the Sun heating you can save huge money in one of the largest energy vegetatively reproduced at home has been global warming. There are several methods for household solar heating, depending on the project home, and their desires, needs, and how much you want to use. The immediate costs of installing solar heating could be high, depending on the configuration is quite paid after three seasons, problems obtaining the free version after completely heat for heating.