Solar energy solutions

The amount of energy that the Earth receives from the Sun is 35 000 times more than the assumed energy consumption in the world. This constant can be a source of energy in the various programmes for our needs. Instead of wasting this resource, we should naturally use it. Many countries take active steps to create a solar energy plant, such as the United States. Featuring nine of the thirteen of the largest solar PV projects.

Solar energy to generate heat and electricity. Radiation from the Sun is converted into electricity using photovoltaics (cells). Photovoltaic systems does not release greenhouse gases.

Using solar energy to generate steam. This can be used to indirectly, to generate electricity. First, the steam generated, using solar energy. This pair is used to run generators to create electricity. During the combustion of fossil fuels and the resulting energy is 100% organic. Solar energy solution is a new concept. Research indicates that native American, Greeks and Chinese use these solutions power in ancient times. Use the Sun to keep their homes warm and keep them free from the disease.

This energy can also be for the housing sector. A large amount of energy consumed for heating and water. This energy can be reduced to 60% by the installation of solar systems. Solar oven is a solution of high energy for wineries. Uses air as a medium of heat and requires moderate temperature.

There are some factors that contribute to the adoption of solar energy solutions. Firstly, to launch the high costs associated with the purchase of such solutions. This is due to semi manufacturing carried out on the materials. You can control this problem that companies like Solyndra and research cheap PARC photo cells. Those cells includes one larger area. Another problem is that user no energy is produced at night. However, the backup battery system and/or net metering to solving this problem.

Many of the studies is to use the rationality. We expect that many more solar energy solutions will be developed for affordable prices for our home.