Solar energy kits, do it yourself home

Many do is the result of trying to find ways of “Euroscepticism”. Energy efficiency, and go out of hand, green. If you have already done at home, energy efficient as possible, you will begin to generate your own energy is electricity. The easiest way to do it with solar energy. Thanks to advances in solar technology in battery cell technology and marketing you can now buy solar set can be active and running in a few days. Here are eight great things you probably didn’t know about these residential sets:

1. the design of the lamp. There are many tools for designing the ideal solar energy home system. Fortunately, these tools are easily accessible and simple to use. National renewable energy Lab has a tool called PV Watts on its website to determine the amount of energy would produce a system in your area. Most producers of similar tools in the kit and guide in the process if you like, or simply the project system. It is important to Remember, but must carefully assessed your home and find that the most likely to have permanent, without the shadow of the Sun throughout the year.

2 of simplicity. Grid tied solar panel array is relatively simple. The panels are installed in a system that is compatible with Your home and panels. Many manufacturers assembling equipment has videos on their Web sites on how to install their systems. During installation, the panels generally associated together in a box of the collection, and then the cable is connected to the inverter. Inverter converts direct current (DC) electricity, matrix generates alternating current (AC) electricity to your home and grid power user. Then, recover the system to the electric meter. Most auxiliary applications insist on making this connection to the Metro and bi-directional communication networks, install a gas meter, so you can move back if they generate more electricity used. Many of the tools to recognize the importance of renewable energy sources and the payment for this service.

3 complete. Solar kits are designed key, which means that they are intended shall be treated as inclusive all. Includes cables, equipment and accessories. Sometimes you may need to give some small parts of the end of the installation, depending on the specific House.

4. simple to use. These systems include, of course, the most important part of the instructions. Many companies recognize the owners is by far the biggest market for solar panels. Instruction manual for installation and operation, which is easy to understand for the average were created. Systems do not require special tools. Basic tools, most of the people are (for example, screw keys, pliers, broken, hand tool, stairs etc.) is sufficient. And most companies hire offer what you need and require. It is important to hire a Master electrician to test the system and make sure that the connectors are correctly.

5 Permit ready. It is very important to obtain the correct permissions to them. Local building departments are large resources of information on best practices in your area. The majority of the set features complete schemas and specifications, enabling departments can be used to authenticate the installation. Generally speaking everything necessary for the correct permissions.

6. the last time. Search provides almost all of its power from solar energy hjems? Or simply wish to light the House in the backyard? All of their needs, these systems are scaled to your specifications. Solar kits can be used for lighting, remote food, telecommunications, and residential uses. Kit manufacturer to design a system for almost any application.

7 extensibility. Did not have the money, what makes you now? These systems are fortunately very “modular”, meaning you can start with enough bars today and continue to add more components in the future if necessary.

8 incentives. All solar energy kits are eligible for the type of incentives. The Federal Government has a credit of 30% for renewable and more tax or in the Member States have extra motivation. In Louisiana, you can get 80% of the system of paid through these programmes. In California, nearly 50% of the payment system in this way. Database of incentives from the State of renewable energy and efficiency (DSIRE) is an excellent source.

So now who knows more about kits, solar power, its time to start designing the system for you.





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