Solar energy has the advantage of saving money!

The most abundant source of fuel in the solar system’s Sun. Solar energy can be used in different ways at home and use of solar energy is more economical than other energy sources.

When you connect to your home, solar energy, according to, there are many advantages, which can enjoy.

Solar energy does not produce any harmful carbon dioxide. There is the ecological footprint. About 3,000 pounds of CO2 per year by using typical household solar systems, which is the life cycle CO2 system, about 30 tonnes. Solar energy is clean energy and solar energy is not harmful to nature.

Federal Government/Länder, providing tax incentives for renewable energy in the home.

Electricity to the grid, in addition, when you connect the House with the Sun, combined with a switch on the power grid. Add to solar electric grid system of electricity, he added to the company, you can use the credit or, in the writes to electricity, this check box.

The use of solar energy may be the destination of the design of electronic products. This is the most common cause is when deciding to use electrical power systems.

Instead of reducing the electric BILL, you can eliminate the design product completely electronic and live off the grid. The days are overcast or cloudy, batteries are stored in the system, such as those referred to in the House, produced by too much electricity. A separate electrical system batteries are responsible for the Temperature.

Deep cycle battery is suitable for use of solar cells. Electricity power house and the size of the batteries is determined on the basis of the energy from sunlight is.

State shell, “about 50% of the world’s power comes from renewable energy sources within the next 30 years.”

This global economic downturn is even more people can save money for everyday life. Home solar systems offers continuous energy from the Sun, we can use its own electricity. Actually, you can have unlimited energy. At home, you can specify an unlimited supply of energy.

Home energy systems installation costs are high. Companies are selected outrageous sales prices for these systems. There are different grants that are available to help Fund Sloneczna technology. Much of the setting of the option price to a reasonable introduces its own solar panels to install itself and live off the grid.