Solar electricity, solar panels illustrating the

To take full advantage of all the energy of the Sun, which converts its solar panels, there are recognised as install them so that they can be completely oriented towards the Sun. Let’s say a minute from some solar panels and is fixed in the installation. This setting can not move and is configured so that it directly operates 21 March Sun dinner Sun.

There are several things that you can ask for what is not promised is not 12? And why 21 March? The panels are still quite quickly, what is the ideal way to do it, whether solar noon March 21. But why exactly?

There is not necessarily exactly promised a 12 hours where you are. And how it works. Its exact location will be only one second each day that the Sun is on the Meridian. This is technically the highest point on the sky that the Sun’s coming day.

With standard time as an example, you know that standard time extends the wide part of North America. The Sun is not, of course, in his “exact zenith distance, all at the same time. Now each time zone is divided into sections, our planet Beautiful, each of which occupies 15 degrees. Now it is true that these lines are State borders possible and all kinds of other maritime decor, which is why, in fact, very few of these areas are exactly 15 degrees. But the purpose of this discussion that we live in an ideal segments of 15 degrees.

It is 360 degrees, at the turn of the world, occupies 15 degrees, 1/24 or equal to one hour. Currently there are 15 degrees every hour, the sun passes over us with a rate of class 1 in every 4 minutes.

Have confused right? OK, one hour = 60 minutes. 15 degrees in the Earth = 60 minutes. 15 movements in 60 4 times, then 1 degree is equivalent to 4 minutes. If it helps?

We want to say now, when are they smack in the time zone or degrees 7 1/2 4 7 1/2 times would be 30. It would be 30 minutes away. Now suppose that trying to figure out the time of day, the panels from the Sun to get nowhere near his best. If I had 30 minutes to the time zone, will use the 12: 30 pm. This would mean that promised a, which would be 12: 30 and not 12 kl.

21 March is therefore critical, because it is (usually anyway) the date of the spring equinox. Sun on this day are at the point of impact “of the trip from North to South.” In this connection would be the best day of the mean, which must specify the panels.

Without the ability to move panels illustrating them in dinner Sun Sun 21 March, about as good as you can get. It has the highest average sunlight that reaches its solar panels.