Solar charger

Drops of the Sun, which is also known as charger charger solar arrays. It is a simple but very useful. Targets appropriate especially outstation long-term travellers or you leave your car parked in a few weeks, this solar charger is able to offer the perfect solution for drainage problems with the battery. The form in the works so that you can use the Sun to recharge the battery of the vehicle and keep it ready to go, regardless of how much time has passed since the vehicles were used.

Drops Sun charger can take the car batteries are fully charged condition and also avoid voltage drain batteries. This is important for maintenance of accumulators with a long period of use. By using this type of charger not difficult and very important energy resources are derived from the Sun, which translates into zero-maintenance costs. Current battery charger Sloneczna project is mainly based on the latest technology, which acts not only when the sun light shines a strong, but also works to maintain a low place light battery car in top form.

In addition, several advantages Sun drops the charger is also convenient. Of course, as the team’s base, not solar used without charge by sunlight, especially at night or in the area covered, such as underground parking area. Even if you permanently ensures the battery does not excess of lead can cause damage to the battery of the vehicle.

Even if it is a solar charger in the car, but it is important that the reasons for the weak, additional battery box, select the check box.