Robotikits: Educational Solar Powered Robots Anyone Can Build

Robotikits is a build it yourself educational Robot Mini Solar Kit. In 1980, OWI, Inc. supported a need for robotic education and created robot kits that could be used with school curriculums.
The Frightened Grasshopper is part of the Mini Solar Kits Family. Also included in this family are the Super Solar Race Car, the Walking King Crab, the Attacking Inch Worm, and the Happy Hopping Frog. Each one is solar powered and prices range from $10.95 – $13.95. The Frightened Grasshopper is priced at $10.95. In 2007 the Frightened Grasshopper won the Creative Toy Award and was given the seal of excellence by Creative Child Magazine.

The Mini Solar Robot Kits are part of the Jr. Science Series and are recommended for ages 10 and up. Although the recommended age for interest in robotics really can’t be set for today’s creative mind you can use this age recommendation as a guide. My children are five and eight and they want to start collecting the whole family since we assembled and enjoyed the Frightened Grasshopper and his antics. OWI, Inc. has a beginning Jr. Science Series and they excel to an Advanced experience level for those who have soldering skills.

There are only six assembly instructions to follow and they are very easy, you’ll have your Frightened Grasshopper assembled in just a few minutes. The enclosed instructions have pictures showing each step and which part you’ll need to assemble next. Building a robot has never been easier. Once your Frightened Grasshopper is assembled find some sunlight and what your kid(s) jump with excitement. The solar panel on the grasshoppers back causes the activity of solar energy. You can also show them how the sun is powering the robot; use your hand to shade the area above the grasshopper. Your shadow will cause the grasshopper to stop, move away and let the sun hit the solar panel and the grasshopper will start again. This can also be a great tool to teach children about how solar energy is harnessed.

Since this is a solar powered toy it will cause your children to spend some time outside, this will give parents or teachers a chance to watch from a distance as creative minds start to wonder. If you place the Frightened Grasshopper in your hand it will tickle you because of the movement it makes. Make sure the child or children do not drop it so that it won’t break. If you put the solar robot in sand it will dig little holes with its legs. Keep the solar panel on its back as clean as you can, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.

There is warranty information enclosed in case any of the parts do not work correctly. Be sure to keep your receipt or if it was a gift you might want to obtain that information. The warranty is good for 30 days. You can also join their club that information is obtained by reading the instructions enclosed.






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