Renewable energy sources: solar energy

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is a way of transforming electricity by means of a device or means the use of solar energy. There are two ways that we can convert solar energy to electricity, we can become passive and acceptance of solar energy without the use of any mechanical devices, or actively by a mechanical device.

There are 3 kinds of energy that we can get from the Sun:

Bright solar energy. Solar energy is a way to convert solar energy to electricity via a collection of photons or small packets of energy within the Sun’s rays. We use this form of energy of the light from the Sun may collect and use is made of equipment of energy in homes.

Solar panels convert electricity with the help of Silicon photovoltaic interconnected (span), prepared in a module or array.

Solar panel for work must be installed, where the Sun has a better light in your area. Solar Panel generates only 12 v DC, the investor is required to convert DC to AC DC is electrical current equal to 100-110/220 v (depending on country) and this type of voltage, indispensable for all devices in the home.


-To maintain because passively collects electricity.

-Free source of fuel to power.

-The supply of fuel.

-Long Operating life, which does not have a mechanical device that can be caused by repetitive activities.

-Save electricity accounts.

The Disadvantage Of

-High Costs at home. Return on investment was achieved in about 1-5 years.

-Must be installed in places where you will receive 100% of light from the Sun. Cloudy location means a decrease in power.

-Only may cause the energy during the day, but we can install the batteries, so you can still use solar energy, even when the Sun is not.

Solar thermal energy. The use of solar energy, but becomes a source of thermal energy. Examples of using Sun heat environment of indoor House, hot water or a pool.

Solar thermal System is similar to a solar panel, but the aim is to collect heat from the Sun. Instead of mirrors and Solar Silicon, using a black color panels heat collector and instead produces electricity, becomes a source of thermal energy.


Unlike solar panels require the Sun is not appropriate to collect solar energy.

-Is used passively means to maintain compared to solar systems mechanical type.

-A myriad of energy supply, because the Sun does not reduce or deplete energy rates.

-Saves fuel or electricity to heat the water or keep its internal heat environment.

The Disadvantage Of

-Only work during the day when the sun rises.

-Not recommended where a gloomy or cloudy.

-Preliminary costs are high, but there are other options such as recycling, which can reduce the initial total cost.

Concentrated solar energy. Concentrated solar energy by means of lenses or mirrors that reflect light energy, focus on a small area to generate very high temperatures of boiling water and powers of the same steam turbines generate electricity.

Concentrated Sloneczna systems are not similar to the solar panels, although it seems as if it uses a solar panel, solar panel, but do not reflect all of the Panel, but directed the Tower, which generates enough heat to steam turbines.

Solar cooking is an example of concentrated solar energy. Uses reflective Cookware, which brings together the Sun and then destiny than at a specific time to concentrate light, therefore, generate heat.

Concentrated solar energy is also used to generate electricity. The bowls can be used, or one paraboliczne at home, all they need one more space and because focus pair of solar and generator, but the disadvantage is that it may be too high for the neighbors.


-The source of unlimited fuel.

-Are written accounts of the electricity.

The Disadvantage Of

-Too high and not friendly neighbor

-Material seat, if you use at home, need more space.

-Must be a constant solar to acquire 100% of energy.

-Have an mechanical and uses water to generate electricity, therefore, requires more maintenance.

-The Sun is not available at night.

The Conclusion Of The

Solar energy is free and renewable, but their main costs are high. But if you think you have a good time, the cost of solar panels, is sufficient for example save at least 40% of electricity consumption per month, will go for years and years.

The internationally recognized LEED, green construction of a building or a House that meets their standards for the environment and energy conservation. With the objectives of environmental protection as well as using all the necessary measures to save electricity and reduce CO2 emissions, is useless unless you are a home or building must be LEED certified. Who can receive significant Platinum LEED for their efforts?