Renewable energy solutions

As the world is on the verge of a global energy crisis, it is imperative that we are looking for alternative energy sources to reduce Our dependence on energy from renewable sources. Use of renewable sources of energy from natural resources. Because, of course, replace, can never be exhausted. The most common types of renewable energy sources wind, hydro and solar energy.

Solar: solar energy solution is the most abundant, free energy available. Videnmængde the energy of the Sun to provide solar thermal energy solar solar heating and air conditioning of water basins of the heating energy produces space clean, affordable and reduces energy costs. Sun has always a source of heat and energy. With the advance of technology of solar energy can be harnessed to produce electricity, affordable. This is achieved through the use of photovoltaic systems. Photovoltaic technology uses solar energy to produce electricity, usable.

Solution: energy hydrogen or Hydro water is efficient and abundant renewable energy. Hydrølektrisk is the process of transforming the flow of water into electricity. The water behind the dam is to provide a menu entry that pushes a turbine blades. The turbine spins the generator that produces electricity. Electricity accounts for more than 10% of all electricity produced in the United States.

The solution leverages the wind: wind power is the River. Windmill can be that the history goes back to the 7th century the Persians. Old sailors used the wind to turn on their vessels; The Dutch used Windmills to pump water from the low-located areas and farmers in the world using wind turbines to pump water from the wells. At the end of the 20th century open era generated with wind power. A lot of wind turbines are today, operations, ranging from affordable small residential wind systems of large farm, which supplies electricity to customers of the tool.

Solar and wind energy are the most promising solutions. Not many people can build the dam of hydrølektrisk on his property, but almost anyone can implement some sort of solar and wind technologies. There is an abundance of cheap, handbooks and manuals that give perspective plan for the construction of wind and solar power systems for home use. These systems can greatly reduce Your electric bill or to generate enough surplus energy which can be sold to a company with food.

Rich is available to only those renewable energy solutions are now affordable to everyone, not only to reduce bills, also contribute to the world a more energy-independent. It provides do our part of our future generations. The USA will be grateful for it.