Protection against the Sun high-efficiency generator

Have you ever considered the consequences of losing power in his home for several hours? What happens for a few days, a week or more? Our energy network of the nation is vulnerable to natural disasters or man-made disasters. Invisible, reliable electricity remains unnoticed until the light source and other electrical devices. It would be reasonable for consumers to prepare for the supply of energy more expensive and less reliable as far as our grid ageing so demand. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and snow storms causing destruction throughout the country, every year, leaving millions without electricity.

It seems almost an infinite, at the initiation of the investigation power disruptions. See what happened in just the last six months, with devastating tornadoes and flooding in America. The question is not whether, but when there are electrical catastrophe!

The results caused by man can be as devastating as any parent can throw against us. Our network is fully connected to the nation’s energy and extremely sensitive to the agreement, particularly at the time of high demand. Basta is a failure in a field that can be caused by lightning, hardware failure, simple or Gash and short in trees to move the line, the “dominøffekt” errors in large areas. What happened in 2003, when the trees (in rural area of Ohio) in a short few lines, eventually causing a cascade of failures of the power plants more than 256.

Current resistance against nuclear and coal power will leave many of the higher cost of electricity. President Obama, said: “My plan for CAP and trade system, electricity, rates are not necessarily excluded.”

Solar storms are of great concern. Solar storms occur during bursts of electricity out of the Sun. It is expected that by 2013 Solar solar activity to hit the maximum progress since the 19th century. Solar storms have the potential to literally melt the electrical transformers and other equipment.

In a report published recently by the Heritage Foundation, a U.S. think tank leader, noted expert on national security to President Obama for another disastrous threat. If a nation hostile or even terrorist detonated weapons electromagnetic pulse (EMP) above the United States, the effect would be equivalent to those as the disastrous storm of solar … maybe even worse.

In each case regardless of whether mother or man-made disasters, is the only person who really can be trusted to come to the rescue. The Government demonstrated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was reported that New Orleans went from modern society driven by the internet in a third world country within nine hours.

The use of solar powered generator is a solution that will reduce the cost of electricity and consumer protection, when the electricity grid is under threat. This would be the ideal solution for every scenario, “lights out”, it can be found on.

Solar powered Generator collects energy-free sun and send it to the solar arrays for immediate use or storage of information. Here are some of the benefits of solar powered generator offers:

* Instant backup electricity in any results.

The endless supply of free electricity *, which is automatically saved for use when it is needed.

You can reduce the electric bills permanently.

* Available on slot, wireless technology, enabling a person to create in a few minutes and then immediately to produce electricity.

* Solar generators driven without maintenance, without noise and without problems to start in cold weather and does not emit a deadly fumes.

* Solar powered Generators do not require gas.

* There is a total immunity by the Government and control. Note that the Government is not the owner of the Sun!

* There are more uses solar electricity. Essential equipment such as a refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, mobile phones, short-wave radio, tv, lights, fans, you can start the kiln, computers, printers, and much more.

See that bit of planning, you can avoid serious problems. Solar power generator can be very economical to buy, which supplies free electricity. Solar power generator will only be more valuable as the future natural disasters or accidents caused by humans in the grid is a reality for each of us.