Lisboa: Cómo situar solares panels cost?

If you think installing solar panels, which will probably be a ballpark figure on how much will. Would like to know the complete form, and not on the cost of a single panel and check if they are a profitable investment.

There are several reasons chosen by the people of solar PV or fotølektromotoriske. These are panels that converts light into electricity. Until recently, was the primary factor is probably the environment. You want to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and declare green.

Recently, however, people are installing solar PV system for reasons purely financial ethics even considerations do not play a factor. Whether so it makes sense to pay them? To recover the initial investment, or even save money in the long term?

Let’s look first at the expense of a typical set. However, remember that the price varies, as some companies special offers and the use of various technologies. There are different types of solar panel with different levels of performance. Generally spend more better, so by the system.

Therefore, we will have a typical installation of standard PFT 2.5 and they are normally installed many houses standard. One larger system which can produce more power, you can adjust, but of course, much more. The average cost is around 15,000 pounds. However, you can get quotes anywhere from 11,000 to 20,000 pounds.

Consider the nature of panels, you will receive. Two panels that exactly the same appearance can be very different for you and me. Some convert more sunlight into electricity, while others work better in poor lighting or shading. It is one of the reasons for the prices can vary quite dramatically.

With our typical system, which can be expected that, on average, represents about half of all electricity needs. Therefore, only half of it is that the panels do not work at night. In addition, many families do not home during the day not to use electricity, causing your system.

So we have some decisive. In accordance with savings trust, for a period of 25 years may earn the sum of at least 20,000 pounds of energy tax free of charge. This includes payments received from customs tariff to sell its food, the back of electricity, is not used in the network and save the electricity bill. This will include the upper part of the system easily.

Remember, is the minimum amount, which is also free of taxes and does not take account of inflation. This means that households should benefit from higher premiums than our conservative estimate.