Learn more about Sun in step

As I see many people on how to teach the children how Solar power works more discoveries that adults have some answers.

One of the major issues with it since the inception of sunlight solar panels, water pumps and garden is “how long can I run my solar energy lights, pumps, page, home page, etc.”

Whether there is a lot of answers, depending on their situation, for example, the type of storage battery use, if any? Solar Garden lights, featuring light battery charging in the vacation day and dumped at night on the basis of the food. After several days of cloudy Dim the light source. However, if there is a second or more accumulator energy storage, light would take more.

When it comes to other things like solar systems, solar powered home water pumps and solar charger for portable batteries are some variables. It is still important in the energy storage in batteries and solar panels to win power.

Everything comes in steps. Already this year, we knew only that electricity there we are at a computer when the Assembly of information disconnected was home or business-and We never really, how energy is present, unless they worked for the power company. With the energy of the new and improved entered an era where we can not only move to energy, which is more friendly, but also our power plants. Many more questions from the audience to give their own energy than ever before. This is also a great opportunity for all of us to be more conscious and independent when it comes to our energy consumption. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in this.

What does the solar panel? Photo of a solar photovoltaic system are made from materials called semiconductors. When it hits the side lamp Panel light is absorbed by the semiconductor and power hitting electrons loose, so that you can move freely. Electric field forces the electrons freely flowing in one direction. Contacts of metals found in the upper part of the cell, so that we can be the current for use in our homes and businesses.

If we stop here must now take into account that the Sun is there we use solar energy. This is where the batteries and energy storage.

Getting a large amount of energy on very sunny days. Sometimes more than necessary at the moment, so the container for the storage of information or the use of batteries or accumulators. The simplest energy storage is the power grid. Everything you need to do another. This is called net metering; electricity networks sell excess power enterprise. If you need power, download them.

Storage battery is another more expensive to store solar energy, but if your computer is not connected to the network of energy is the best solution. What and how much you need batteries depends on the individual situation. These are the basic concepts of solar energy and you can count on this information to change solar panels rapidly becomes more efficient. A few years ago are used only red in the Sun. Recently, user panels, now other colours (I think you Rainbows).

In step 2, you can talk more about the energy of the solar panels types available partner and photovoltaic projects.