How to Use Solar Power when Enjoying the Stealth, Van-Dwelling Lifestyle

While you’re living as a stealth, van dweller, at least to some degree you will need electricity. Lighting, entertainment and even making your daily blog entry will require electrical power to some extent. As you hope to remain hidden in plain view, you will find a generator is an unlikely candidate to satisfy your electrical needs.
Noise, or anything that will draw attention to you, will quickly spell the end to your stealthiness. Rapidly bringing the locals or law enforcement knocking on your door.

Solar power can easily meet your demands and allow you the luxury of using many of today’s electronic conveniences. A couple solar panels on the roof, hooked to two or more deep cycle batteries can power most modern electronics for quite a while. An electric roof mounted ventilation fan will keep condensation under control. No one can do without a TV, or at least a radio to keep from going crazy. Microwaving water for your morning coffee, all can be accommodated with a Power inverter that will convert the 12v DC power provided by the batteries and solar panels into 110v AC electricity.

There are many sources for the components necessary to build your electrical system in your Van. One source that can supply everything you’ll need is Northern Tool is the ideal mail order or retail outlet for the Do-It-Yourself Stealth Van Builder.

When you install your electrical system be sure to have it separated from the existing vehicle electrical system by a battery isolator or relay so that if you draw down the deep cycle house batteries you won’t be draining the battery that starts your vehicle.

You may want to consider a small ultra quiet portable electric generator as a emergency backup in the event your starting battery comes up dead for any reason, or you are experiencing too many days of poor sunlight. The Honda EU series are excellent examples, also available at Northern Tool.

Setting up your electrical system will be the most expensive part of preparing your van for full time living. Take the time to lay it out well, outlets readily accessible, batteries vented to the outside. Use proper wiring techniques and always remember that a little knowledge can be dangerous where electricity is concerned. If you don’t know what your doing, find someone that does.

One thing to consider, solar panel systems only create so much power. Using an electric portable heater for heat will drain your batteries very quickly. A hot plate would be in the same category. Anything with a heating element will become impractical to use if solar panels are your source of electricity.

The main benefits of Solar Energy of course are they make SILENT, and FREE electricity. A pretty good trade off when compared to noisy gas sucking generators.

To follow along as an RV has a solar power system installed go to; Installation of a Solar Panel System When your done you can continue on your journey toward freedom by go to Stealth,Van Dweller for more information about the Gypsy lifestyle of a stealth, van dweller.






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