Going Green in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Are you going green in Tulsa? There are many different options for going green here. First, there’s the obvious: Shut off lights, drive less and plant trees. But what are the other options in Tulsa?
I went on a mission to explore some of the “green” possibilities in Tulsa. The first and most inexpensive option is to recycle. Tulsa offers curbside pickup twice a month for $4. Newspaper, office paper, plastics, junk mail, magazines, glass and aluminum are the items collected. Tulsa also offers 5 free drop off centers throughout the city. They are at Admiral amp; Louisville at Piggly Wiggly, 21st amp; 129th at Aldi, 35th amp; Sheridan,81st amp; Lewis at Wal-Mart, 51st amp; Union at Warehouse Market. They centers are open 24 hours a day and collect the same items that the curbside service collects as well as phone books, eyeglasses, batteries, motor oil and antifreeze. Tulsa also offers twice annual household pollutant collection events.

Besides recycling, there are also solar panel and solar water businesses right in Tulsa. Two examples of this are Sun City Solar energy which offers solar power, solar water, solar pool heating, and solar heating and Green Country Solar offering the same services. Alternatively, there is wind power. Harvest Solar and Wind Power offers wind power solutions as well as solar.

If you want to be more efficient, you can have your house inspected for heat and energy loss. One company that does this is Infrared Inspection Oklahoma. This might actually be a good place to start because using more heat and energy then you need is never green.

As you can see there are many green options in Tulsa, Oklahoma though this list is by no means exhaustive. I set out on this journey thinking that I wouldn’t find much, but I got a delightful surprise. There are many options and many resources to tap into here in Tulsa to help residents live greener lives.

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