Free solar panels, this for me?

If you have seen an advertisement for the “free solar panels” user can be ignored as a marketing stunt, but it seems that there are arrangements to ensure that consumers get a PV solar system-the national installed with little or no cost. Due to the introduction of feed in tariff, the United Kingdom for 2010 is now a significant pecuniary interest “green” fotølektromotoriske PV solar electricity production. Return on investment can be sometimes in excess of 10% per annum writings quoted returns to the market was as high as 27% per annum (gross amounts) for systems to kW. Possession of this type of potential profit, it is not surprising that a company with good cash reserves may try to use the feed in Tariff. Solar panel installation simple Premise of “free” is offered by the vendors of commercial solar PV system adjustment in the roof of the consumer free of charge on condition that the revenue from customs tariff food is “signed” to Setup, which means that the PPE is that the Setup program for the next 25 years (in the UK feed in Tariff) collect every penny electricity generated by Solar panels.

It is clearly beneficial to Setup to receive guaranteed double-digit returns the index of linked in what is probably one of the best low-risk, return on investment/hi now available in the United Kingdom, but also the consumer such as economies? In most cases the consumer has the right to make full use of electricity from solar panels and enjoy low electricity and some degree of freedom of the substantial increase in energy costs. This reduction in costs to the consumer may be the most important determinant in the choice of the system of “solar panel free ‘ installed in their homes. But consumers get from transactions in the long term will depend mainly on how solar PV provider has compiled his contract and this agreement with the supplier, which should be reviewed carefully before taking the measures and equipment. For example, in some cases, the vendor can enter a fixed tax per unit of electricity used; Typically is less than the current business tool, but now the process of “solar rates” less attractive. It is also important to check whether there are “hidden” costs “as the future of hardware as defective maintenance, panels, accidental injuries, and the provision of services or material error, etc. Consumers may also must inform the insurance company, building, the increase in risk premia including Solar PV, if the Setup program does not contain the type of insurance coverage in the panels. Statistically it is understood that the owners of the UK move home on average every seven years, which means that the owner of the mobile home must find a buyer who has taken existing contractual agreements, which were applied to solar panels. This warning is performed at home more or less attractive to potential buyers?

If you’re feeling after weighing up the advantages and disadvantages which this offer is for you, remember that companies that offer a “free solar panels ‘ very selectively to select features to install the system, so it may or may not be eligible. Ceiling front South with large open spaces, without shade and perfect is what solar PV Installer finds the combination should provide the best return on the investment in respect of them switch to solar energy can be considered one of the wisest thing to do and the value of money, now difficult to match the risk v. reward, not to mention the overall benefit of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissionsHowever, if it is considered “a” free solar panels, “Let’s spend some time to review the information to the page before taking action.