Free solar panels!

I have a friend who is always on the lookout and things for free, this time, he wanted to free the solar panel.

I asked “why?”. “Not only purchase the Earth4Energy product and enter your own solar panel for less than $ 200?”

“No!” Please free solar panel, “answered.”

This guy is mega close its liquidity and wanted to make the bombs could take camping to extract water from the Earth. I needed a solar panel, because it has not been used his drums SUV. This guy is really nutter, I will say to you!

If you want to cut a long text short, got his solar panel in a way never free possible trøde! Don’t you think that what you say, but it is very useful. Here we go.

Free Solar Panel plan

My friend Crazy ran by one night, when he was stopped in one of those portable automatic traffic signs used for the construction of roads. He says that he was sitting there thinking about his small water pump when started wondering where flashing light on the signal got his electricity. I’m not kidding, I can say that came out of his car, climbed to the top of the signal and found his SOLAR PANEL! Currently, he is not stealing, but it was his little brain. How to convince the company to make a solar panel signal?

The phone number of the signal, but found only a company name. Looked at the name of the next day, in a phone book named after filling of the time, was head of Department of peacekeeping operations, and asked if he had any damaged solar panels to charge (say, a drunk driver crashes into one of the symptoms). Of course, the response was that that only sell panels damaged and low priced.

Now any normal person would simply abandon, purchase Earth4Energy, buy some raw materials and construction of a large solar panel. My friend, there is a way! Guy gets his daughter 11 years over the telephone, the Chief Engineer and discussions, free bar! Apparently even said that she did the project the school for renewable energy and that every free Panel really could help her with her. How is this for innovation?

He went to 3 bars and a bit of a course on how they work, how to repair, etc. .. My God, what a genius! If any user wants Desperately to avoid purchase Earth4Energy, give it a little to go and if you say that you do not have panels damaged, simply run your car on a signal (* joke *)!