Eliminate Your Electric Bill by Living Off the Grid

With many of us aware of the existence of global warming combined with the endless consumption of non-renewable resources, some people prone to speculation about the future or the future of their children may grow anxious not knowing of a solution to the problem, or knowing that that there are solutions but greedy corporations and politics prevent them from being implemented. Well, there, is a solution for each and every one of us: it’s the option of detaching ourselves from our dependence on the grid, or the global elite corporate energy system that has enslaved us by making us dependent on being provided with electricity through energy companies and the government and forcing us to fund their bureaucracies and buy the products powered by the grid.
What if we could live off the grid? Empowering ourselves with self sufficiency, true independence and feeling good about not contributing to the pollution of the earth for our personal convenience. At the same time, we can save a great deal of money and maybe completely eliminate bills.

For my new cabin that I’m building in the Olympic peninsula, I am going to try and power it through a combination of wind and solar energy. I was inspired to do those by listening to an interview with former Governor Jesse Ventura who was boasting of his libertarian paradise in Mexico where he was able to power all his electricity, including his swimming pool with wind and solar power and how he hung out with surfers. It didn’t bother him that he felt the Mexican government was corrupt – he was off the grid in his own world, independent and not tethered to Big Brother.

Even if you don’t fancy being a libertarian or rugged individualist, or you think that global warming is a hoax, consider the following advantages of divorcing yourself from the grid:

No more dealing with public utility bureaucrats. How many times have you being frustrated by public utilities during a power outage and you’re at the mercy of linesman who have to prioritize which neighborhoods need servicing first. Why not empower yourself with powering your home. Have it in your hands so you can be on Associated Content while the rest of the neighborhood is blacked out.

Imagine not having to pay for the power you use. Rather than give your money to a company like Enron or a dysfunctional public utilities branch, wouldn’t it be wonderful to use as much electricity as you want and utilize the power of nature. The sun and the wind are always there, and you can stop worrying about your electricity meter.

Add up the money you spend on your electricity bills. Imagine placing that in your pocket, or in an investment fund.

Don’t forget being able to sleep better at night. You cannot control what the masses do, but you can control what you do. Do your part by helping to ensure a better future for future generations be helping to ensure a healthier world. Your lack of using non-renewable resources and supporting the grid which is sucking all the earth’s resources means you are doing your part.

If you think you don’t have the technical know how to become self sufficient, you may want to do some research and retest that theory. I found a manual by doing some research online it’s going to show me how to build a windmill and solar power system to power my home.

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