Education of children in the field of solar energy

I had the opportunity on several occasions this year to talk with the school for renewable energy and solar energy really. Always fun and oświecaniu for me and offers to get back to the community. And as with all new problems, I tend to learn more about what you learn. Here are a few things that I took the latter sessions:

Children learn this before than you think

One of the sessions was the sixth grade science. Already know much on the subject of more than half of the Bypass final speeches. He began to ask the group thinking ‘Jeśli the energy come from? ‘, does not recognize, all forms of our energy really begins with the Sun. Everything about, knew, they knew that the use of electricity and heat from the Sun. I was blown away by what they knew. The teacher told me, is currently part of the curriculum in secondary education the most.

This does not mean that we assume they need knowledge about the subject, but this topic is definitely on radar. We are breeding a generation of children to learn more about energy in a way which has never formally taught. And best of all: did the speech in a small town in rural areas, which is the only industry is coal mining and coal plants. Most of the parents is likely to be direct with the company’s coal. However, the children of the Sun and excite them.

Solar energy is intuitive for children

For most children, saying in the Sun emits energy Sai that his oven can cook of the circle. Natural is to them. Most children never appear, plants or transmission lines or coal mines. As you can see, almost daily, the Sun. Accidentally have looked at and to sunburns and can feel how powerful it is. Yes, I will say to you that we use to produce energy is easy.

Of course, explain how to actually convert sunlight to electricity is difficult. My analogy birthday, which is more or less like this: there is a birthday party room in the House of his friends. All behave and amusements, only three of a kind of grinding and talking quietly in one space. He runs the music thunderous, then gives the children a large amount of sugar and converts heat into the room. What happens then? Children good blast home room runs everything and extended its power in any part of the home and outside patio. By the first Hall solar panels, electric charges and the children are sugar, heat and music is the light of the Sun. You can populate the rest. Of course, children’s school told them he was prom and someone had injected Punch and started playing hip-hop. You get the idea.

There is a Great show that there are no tools

Just be you so far, analogy, and ultimately will have to show how it works. Fortunately, there are some cool sets there to help you (full disclosure: sell sets of edit on my site). Works best in my experience for the teaching of solar energy for children in the Solar Electric House. This is a small set of affordable, featuring a panel of the thin layer, small fan movement and LED. The fan is big to show as direct/indirect questions of sunlight, as it slows down and speeds up as changes the angle of the Sun. The Led can be used to indicate the importance of energy efficiency. And already in the set is from the home, children can be creative with recycling (field second hand shoes are excellent). Built-in one class still some clear plastic and a thermometer to demonstrate solar and passive solar concepts.

For younger children there are some solar toy. There are racing cars and motorized animals which may be mounted is fun in itself. Come to see, clear and simple, there is a solar panel (page above!), and then move the toy. Bring sunlight without movement. It is easy and fun way to demonstrate solar energy.

Make them by the police power

At the end of each session, please give them an assignment shopping for items to take home. It is not work both as an excuse to parents about the head. I show them the light bulb and bulb of the CFL and tell them to return home and count how many can be found. Then you can explain to parents why CFL and LED bulbs in each party. Also split the other simple things you can close the doors to unused rooms, block windows and lowering the thermostat a little by little. Energy Star is a website for children, give them to take home and let us hope that some parents to mount the wastes in the form.

How to teach children about solar energy





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