Advantages of solar leasing home

With the Sun, the most abundant source of energy in the world, certainly not a strange man tried to exploit its power of centuries. In the mid-20th century with the desire and man of science is primarily from cars to houses with solar photovoltaic systems. Since 1990 the owners were able to purchase solar electricity systems to feed their homes. In recent years, with the help of incentives of the Government aid to shipyards for the conversion of large (often $ 40,000-80 000) was the acquisition of these systems are becoming more widespread. But for those who wanted Sun, but it was unable to sign, until 2005, when a pioneer of the concept of David Gregg for Citizenre solar leasing.

Sun leasing offers more companies from all over the country, helps owners increase their consumption of clean energy, minimize energy consumption and reduce dirty monthly total cost in energy. Most applications involve little or no money down, and in the case of Citizenre, which block the owners of up to 20 years.

Now Americans make up about 5 percent of the world’s population and consumes nearly 26% of energy in the world. Use of solar energy, Americans can preserve the natural energy of great direction of the Earth, such as coal, gas and oil. Solar thermal technology can revolutionize how people live, is a viable solution for the 2 million people in the world, there are currently without electricity. In fact, many third world countries, represents the fastest market growth for the manufacturing of solar energy. Using solar energy instead of simply going green, is an important contribution to the well-being of our future.

Companies like Citizenre, is the result of the State aid solarizing to enable solar systems for consumers, the cost of their tools, and then sell the excess power to supply the company with tax credits or rebates received for the production of clean energy. The customer signed the agreement on fixed-length pay for Citizenre, flat on the Rate of hiring 10 or 20 years. The rate for each of the cicielem House for rent is determined by the average rate of the local electric utility.

House in life gets a lot of benefit to the owner of the solar system without risks. The ¶ cicielem House for rent will have a positive cash flow from the first month. In addition, if you move, sell a home or homes, you can transfer or withdraw from the contract without penalty. If the price rises in the electric utility for 15 years, would the cicielem House for rent benefit do not have to pay them. The House with the correct exposure and minimum solar shading in the lease is an economic decision for green and intelligent.