5 Best gadgets of the Sun, 2011

The combination of the outlandish gadgets in a cool and alternative energy is the perfect combination. Solar gadgets is receiving incredibly unique toys, organic gifts to your hard drive to buy gifts and Great learning tools for children to understand how Sloneczna works. Most of the gadgets dependent on battery power, and as you know, the batteries are one of the most toxic eco-disposable, which we use. Solar gadgets are the type of items you never knew it must subject it until one is used, so it can live without it. recommendation for best solar gadgets for 2011:

# Cricket Crazy 5 Nice solar toy. A small insect will be dancing around and klimter when charged by the energy of the Sun. New small toys, loves children and adults who wish to borrow to play on your desktop at work. It is not possible to play in the cricket Crazy and not smiling.

The RADIUS of the Sun # 4. Travel or go camping will understand how useful the RADIUS of the Sun can be. Quit Dynamo Powered and solar rays light up led to music and Entertainment for many people, who previously had no access to power. Solar radio must be not only for the carriage of Adventure that can be a lot of home advantage by helping to hold down the power matrix. Or Sun radio is perfect for a boat, in which each bit in the batteries is precious. Keep cricket and drift in the big blue.

Shavers solar # 3. Not everyone thinks that direct solar energy and razor in the same sentence, but the journey of the Sun left the shavers in the car can be useful if you were late for the meeting and must be improved. Although the trek jungle you can maintain a clean shave and keeping away, itching a beard.

# 2 toys Solar desks. Did you forget that cats fashion cribs and magnetic sculpture consists of a small metal stars, which sat on the desk of the Executive in the 1980s, almost never? Desk toys are still popular, and it may be true with envy at work with a remarkable model of the solar wind turbines work. The toy is sitting on your desktop and solar broken hypnotically, de-stressing and relaxing the mind, when you have a problem you should consider. Tall, elegant and stylish design which makes Turbine of any aluminium is good for adoption.

# 1, Solar, wireless keyboard. Straight to number one for this year’s fantastic new keyboard from Logitech. Once it was thick and Wola, keyboards, with a brief tangle of cables. Desktops, then became the keyboards, the disorder was the word and began to take on Zen desktops as minimalism, in the absence of spaghetti wires. Now, you can do aside all other keyboards: Sun wireless keyboard is sleek, super light, super light, elegant and beautiful laptop style keys key presses silk. Usin lacking any hip reception in 2011. Make sure that you do not receive another person disappear!