Sets the Sun and the benefits that the solar system for your home

If you do not have the tools at hand, and the idea of spending time on the roof, which are not scared, you can save thousands by their own sets of the solar system, create a home solar power.

Best large accommodation for over the roof of the South where to install solar panels in receive six to eight hours of Sunshine per day. Tall, green trees depends on, shade in summer and buffer that wind and rain may not be in the form. Not Sun = no power.

A set of procedures manuals and eBooks there is and should be the first purchase. Do some Web browsing, you can find a good conductor for $ 50, or at least to the extent of the price. If you want to generate enough solar energy to power a full House is practical for many big teams as possible to run on gas. They may include heater, heater, dryer, three major energy drains may require more power, which can be represented in the solar system. Why not consider solar Kit and start?.

Since these devices from the equation mean size of home demand over 300 square meters of solar panels at the expense of approximately 15,000.

Solar panels will be the most expensive part of the project, but more to buy, are cheaper. While some people are even in their own building, Buy a set of panels that includes panels and all components that require a home solar energy they save time and effort.

Set includes free digital controller and converter of Watt, the installation of solar panels, voltage Tester, and wiring. Additional security usually costs, has different prices total 5000 $ solar energy home would be around $ 20,000. You have a professional installer, more than doubling of the expenditure, but remember, the Federal Government offers a tax credit of 30%, which passes through 2016, and is more likely to get a credit card, if the system is installed by a contractor licensed. The same applies To incentives offered by many countries. And certainly do not want the city, building inspector called at the door, so all these things into account before heading up the stairs.

More solar house is integrated into the power grid area, which means that it is not necessary to save the feed system generates. The company will install m² net local government, offers the ability to sell their surplus energy (during this holiday travel) and drawing in reserve in the future. Go to whether it is one of the 41 States which offer net metering. When you work, you must check the local incentives on solar sets to create a home solar energy.

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Domestic receivers for solar electricity System

Domestic electricity on introduction

Electricity production at home is one of the most effective ways to reduce their bills. Modern technology has allowed for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources in the framework of their home. Investing in good solar energy, you can generate electricity at home and reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources.

PV solar electricity system-what it is and how does it work?

Solar system consists of solar panels, which contains the number of cells of images linked together. These cells are capable of transforming solar energy for electricity. A Solar Panel is usually a domain controller, which then turns into AC by the investor.

Why use Sloneczna?

* Solar energy System, once installed, continue to generate energy for many years, you can recoup their investments in several years, and then continue to enjoy the free, home of electricity over a long period of time.

* Residential solar energy could produce enough electricity to meet most of their daily energy needs. Yes, you can significantly reduce their power and save tons of money.

* Solar panels require little maintenance. Once installed, the last 15-25 years, Most solar systems are supplied with a warranty, 20 years. Therefore they provide a great value for money.

* You can generate is very small or electricity to the use of solar electricity. Generates more power than required, you can sell to a network and earn money.

To generate electricity even in remote areas where the electricity supply lines are very expensive or not available, you can use the solar energy system.

* Solar completely renewable sources of energy and does not affect the environment in any way. Then use the system, solar energy is a great way to combat the threat of global warming.

Buy solar energy system

Today you can find various solar energy systems on the market. You can look at the options and choose the system on the basis of their energy needs. Most companies send their representatives control the site correctly measure their energy needs and propose system Sloneczna right for you.

Producers of electricity from solar energy at home will be possible only if it is installed correctly. Sets these days come Sloneczna installation guide. You can follow the instructions and install it yourself. If not, you can ask the company to install it. You may pay an implementation.


Electricity in the home is not only an effective way of reducing their power, but also a great way to do its part to create a cleaner environment, redeploy. In this connection, the system of residential PV solar electricity can be a great addition to the family.

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How to create electricity from photovoltaic arrays

Solar energy is the semiconductor technology field includes the direct conversion of solar radiation into electricity. This is a process that provides electricity to solar panels. Sunlight consists of multiple packets of energy called photons. Cells, which form the basis of photovoltaic system consists of materials semiconductor such as Silicon. These materials have the ability to absorb photons and electrons separated from their atoms phenomenon called the “photoelectric effect”.

Then, the electrons travel through the circuit built in Solar Cell currents form. Already the basic solar normally produces a small amount of energy you need to connect to several cells Panel (module) to increase their production. A range of modules in Watts output, depending on its size. If you require more power, more modules can be combined together to form the matrix. A complete system will require a certain “balance system components” supervise the distribution of the usage and origin.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as a practical way of making electricity in your home. Photovoltaic system may be integrated in the main circuit and operated lindman in three ways:

(1) of the grid where the system operates independently without tools company, requiring storage drums during quiet periods the production backup power.

(2) the System connected to the network is running in tangent with power tools. Delete generates more power set of an ordinary will serve as a primary source.

(3) hybrid System is the use of the Sun and wind turbine generator. This is a very efficient and can be connected over a network or travelling.

Suggestion: If the system is connected to a network and generates more power to use the company is obliged to buy excess power through a system of measurement and speed. Access to the system of hybrid doubles the chances of making more electricity.

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Change the system of solar water heaters

If you wish, making the switch from traditional now used to heat water for your home system, there are a few things to know first solar water heaters. The easiest way to produce hot water from solar energy is directly placed containment for reservoir, taking account of the Sun and the temperature of the water to increase the Sun’s rays. There is a reason why a collection of rays of the Sun for more difficult and heat the water used is not what designers can earn more money.

Because you cannot remain the only tank outside and offers the possibility of heating the water is heated, while the water in the hot water will cause you to lose something in the environment that surrounds the water would be warm for a while, but then start temperature to evaporate the water temperature, rather than hot, just like we wanted. Work must have a way of capturing the Sun’s rays and apply it to the water and to keep the water of solar water heaters can heat lost from the outside.

System of ICS or batch system selector, all of it accurate. Water storage cistern heated by the Sun’s rays and the tank are stored in table termostatado that water retains heat, which was taken over by. May considered something hot in a furnace to save until you want to use later. Oven food grows cold, would at least delay the process of growing cold food. Thermal insulation box performs the same function as the oven. The table will help water stay hot for a longer period of time, so when do you need hot water, which is all you need to do is turn off the tap.

ICS or batch system is under maintenance, easy to sail and auxiliary services have no control and does not have any additional tanks, so it takes up very little. Thermosiphon system has all the characteristics of a sustainable system of batch process. Active direct system might be low profile, and you want as a light collector and will be able to survive Frost and potentially may be modified to attach to the current tank. Indirect active system is also a low profile and has a mellow selector, as well as the capacity to survive Frost and possibly may be changed.

All solar water heating systems is currently available, the system drained and bubble blower offers the most features. Take time and research on solar water heating available before wish to purchase.

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