Solar Power Inverter

Finding the best solar inverter

We all know the benefits of using solar energy, instead of electrical one. It pollutes less and is a lot cheaper than the counterpart. But the benefits and potential drawbacks of solar power are for another article altogether. This article will be a critical component of the process of choosing the equipment that you will need for the harvesting of solar power. And this is the solar inverter. Of course, if you’re new to this, then you might have a question or two about what makes a good solar system inverter. This is where this article comes into play.

So, there are few commercial brands of solar inverters that you need to be aware of when you’re about to make a purchase. There’s the Delta Energy Systems brand, the Enphase inverters, the ZeverSolar inverters, SunGrow, etc. All of these different brands have their own benefits and drawbacks, ranging from the steepness of the price to the efficiency of the system, to the longevity, etc. It’s best for you to do your own research based on the area where you live, and see what the locals around you use and how they’re satisfied with it.

What you need to be aware of before making a purchase is a simple, but important technical fact. One of the most important technical aspects of any solar power inverter is whether it’s a transformer type or transformerless type. This is really important in several ways, and we’ll mention them below.

The transformer type is of the old school. But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a powerful punch. It still offers a highly efficient way of harvesting the solar power – it just doesn’t measure up to the more sophistically designed models of solar inverters. And the flip side of this coin is that it comes at a relatively lower cost. As a relatively older model, it’s easier to make, and it’s also heavier than the transformerless counterpart. And it can also make a humming noise when it operates, and this can be a problem for the people that wish to install the inverters near a place where they are planning to have social gatherings.

The other, more sophisticated type of solar inverters, is the transformerless type. This design has risen up to become the industry standard, and a lot more people begin to purchase the transformerless solar inverter models. These models are lighter than their counterparts, and they offer somewhat better efficiency in the harvesting of solar energy. The accent here is on the phrase “somewhat better”, as the difference in efficiency is not all that big, to begin with. But there’s the additional benefit of the transformerless models not producing any humming noise during their functioning. They may produce ultrasound noises, but this won’t concern humans as our ears aren’t designed to register these sounds at all. You should have this in mind though if you have a dog. And all of this comes at a somewhat bigger price than the counterpart.

So, we hope that this article will help you in choosing what model of a solar inverter to purchase.