How to Use Solar Power when Enjoying the Stealth, Van-Dwelling Lifestyle

While you’re living as a stealth, van dweller, at least to some degree you will need electricity. Lighting, entertainment and even making your daily blog entry will require electrical power to some extent. As you hope to remain hidden in plain view, you will find a generator is an unlikely candidate to satisfy your electrical needs.
Noise, or anything that will draw attention to you, will quickly spell the end to your stealthiness. Rapidly bringing the locals or law enforcement knocking on your door.

Solar power can easily meet your demands and allow you the luxury of using many of today’s electronic conveniences. A couple solar panels on the roof, hooked to two or more deep cycle batteries can power most modern electronics for quite a while. An electric roof mounted ventilation fan will keep condensation under control. No one can do without a TV, or at least a radio to keep from going crazy. Microwaving water for your morning coffee, all can be accommodated with a Power inverter that will convert the 12v DC power provided by the batteries and solar panels into 110v AC electricity.

There are many sources for the components necessary to build your electrical system in your Van. One source that can supply everything you’ll need is Northern Tool is the ideal mail order or retail outlet for the Do-It-Yourself Stealth Van Builder.

When you install your electrical system be sure to have it separated from the existing vehicle electrical system by a battery isolator or relay so that if you draw down the deep cycle house batteries you won’t be draining the battery that starts your vehicle.

You may want to consider a small ultra quiet portable electric generator as a emergency backup in the event your starting battery comes up dead for any reason, or you are experiencing too many days of poor sunlight. The Honda EU series are excellent examples, also available at Northern Tool.

Setting up your electrical system will be the most expensive part of preparing your van for full time living. Take the time to lay it out well, outlets readily accessible, batteries vented to the outside. Use proper wiring techniques and always remember that a little knowledge can be dangerous where electricity is concerned. If you don’t know what your doing, find someone that does.

One thing to consider, solar panel systems only create so much power. Using an electric portable heater for heat will drain your batteries very quickly. A hot plate would be in the same category. Anything with a heating element will become impractical to use if solar panels are your source of electricity.

The main benefits of Solar Energy of course are they make SILENT, and FREE electricity. A pretty good trade off when compared to noisy gas sucking generators.

To follow along as an RV has a solar power system installed go to; Installation of a Solar Panel System When your done you can continue on your journey toward freedom by go to Stealth,Van Dweller for more information about the Gypsy lifestyle of a stealth, van dweller.

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A Startling Fact about Solar Panels Uncovered

A Startling Fact about Solar Panels Uncovered

Most people today consider installing solar panels in their houses, as they’re concerned about the surroundings and the effect on their energy requirements. Residential solar panels absorb sunlight and turn it into energy suited to use in the house. If you are considering installing solar panels on your house, now’s the opportunity to achieve that! Economically, solar panels promise to decrease the price of electrical energy. Solar panels, also referred to as photovoltaic, are utilized to change light from sunlight. It utilizes an 80-watt solar panel that is linkable to more panels if you would like to add more later. These flexible solar power panels might also be used in regards to roof covering that mix flawlessly into the roof that may help spend less on expenditures caused as a consequence of roofing shingles.

Life After Solar Panels

There are 3 basic sorts of panels. In order to produce these panels flexible, plastic might be used in the building process. In reality, in the majority of the scenarios, the panels work better during the wintertime. The solar panel is the center of the system and it’s what produces the electricity. The flexible solar panels may easily fit into the clothes or maybe back packs. Flexible solar power panels can be utilized in the identical way just enjoy the common solar power panels.

The very first point to consider in learning how to construct a solar panel is whether you dwell in the northern or southern hemisphere. Todays solar panels are complete solar panel systems are accustomed to power a wide collection of applications. They can also be used as a power source, perhaps while mobile. Solar panels made employing this technology are light and simple to take care of.

The Most Popular Solar Panels

Wind energy is the most affordable alternative energy source so far. It is crucial to estimate the quantity of energy which is going to be required to operate what you will use on a common day. Employing green energy will be able to help you save money, improve your wellbeing, and save the surroundings. It’s the renewable energy derived from sunlight. Once solar energy proved to be a hi-tech field. It provides electrical production by way of heat engines or photovoltaic. It is the base of many different kinds of energy and we should definitely make use of everything we can.

Solar is getting more affordable to homes and company. So solar doesn’t need to be out of reach for everybody. Since the photovoltaic is a little cell that even fit in your hand, there are several sizes in which they may be used.

The marine system batteries permit them to stay out in a marine atmosphere for a lengthier time period, cuts back on the quantity of fuel the craft should use to create the engines operable, and creates an energy that’s clean and renewable every time the sun comes up. Their technology may be used in nearly every car to make it into an efficient electric vehicle. The new technology lets you add on to your system as you desire, without having to spend a lot of money. For instance, solar PV methods bring both financial and environmental advantages. Since a family solar power system can supply you with power throughout the calendar year, it is reasonable invest in one.

The expense of solar panels will surely be stay high because of the decrease volume of production. The price of the power inverter can be prevented if you have DC appliances. The upfront price of purchasing a house kit with a more compact size array is less but you may obtain a more compact rebate check.

The sun will likely explode a single day or become a dwarf, but I think we have a couple million years before that happens. If you consider it hard enough you understand that the sun is really the best resource. It’s the sunlight that’s accountable for this practice. What everyone should understand is that in light of the hefty initial expenses, savings might appear minimal.

The next issue to decide is where you will continue to keep your sailboat and if you are going to be staying in one spot or sailing from place to place. In addition, this boat run by solar power is anticipated to be absolutely the most widely-used concept one for travelers. It’s untrue, and you are able to become everywhere with a 60ft boat. It is not appropriate for everybody, but I have owned boats of various shapes and sizes for 30 decades, and have lived on a few of them on and off since 1992.

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Need Solar Energy Advice? This Article Is For You

The sun’s energy has the power to spend less, not to mention Earth. Ask anyone who uses solar power in their own home, and you will find a person who’s paying less for electricity each month. This article will talk about the way the solar power system operates and its many benefits.

If you cannot afford a full size solar energy system, invest in small-scale appliances. Foremost, you may use window-mounted solar panels to the energy needed to power small electronic equipment. The next is to have a look at solar-powered camping equipment.

Before you pull the trigger and purchase a system, take a peek at the length of time the manufacturer guarantees that the product for. You want a reasonably long warranty because the system might need to pay for itself over time and assist you start to produce a profit. Therefore, ensure the guarantee is for at least 25 years.

Try to select solar panels that may have their angles corrected easily. The angle at which the sunlight reaches the Earth changes throughout the year. This usually means that the ideal angle to catch the suns rays can be quite different between winter and summer. Ideally you need to at least be able to correct the angle of your own panels twice annually, however if it’s possible to get some that allow adjustments four times a year (spring, summer, autumn, winter) that’s even better.

Before you purchase a solar energy system, locate other homeowners in your regions using solar panels. Ask them how much electricity they have the ability to create thanks for their system and discover just how much the installation price them. This will offer you a clearer idea of what to expect.

Cleaning your solar panels does not need to be labor intensive. You want to avoid abrasive soaps at all costs, because they may deteriorate and also destroy your panels. So long as there is not caked up dust or bird droppings, regular rinses with only hose water ought to be more than enough.

Maintaining your solar panels clean is essential to getting the maximum out of them. Dirty panels won’t absorb the solar rays as well as fresh panels will. But they still need a thorough cleaning to keep them at best condition.

Seriously consider installing solar power panels or a different renewable power source if you’re constructing a new residence. The upcoming big step in producing energy is solar energy since there is almost no effect to the surroundings. Now is the ideal time to consider solar energy.

Look at complementing your solar panels with different forms of energy production. Apart from night, your solar panels are least productive when it is cloudy, which usually means winds, rain or both. Put in some small wind turbines on your roofing and micro-hydroelectric generators at endings of gutters for some electricity production when solar panels aren’t up and running.

A solar panel can only generate a certain amount of energy–typically a fairly low number–which means that you need more than one panel.

Moving green involves a range of different changes, but switching to solar power is among the very best ways to begin. Your utility bill probably doubles each decade, consuming more of your own paycheck. Use these tips so you may be more environmentally friendly!

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The Many Benefits of Solar Power for Your Home

These days it seems like electricity prices are rising by the day. Your electric bill continually climbs to new record highs as your actual usage remains constant, sometimes it even decreases. If you are becoming fed up with this then welcome to the club. Fortunately, there are now alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, which can help you to produce your own electricity. This article will cover a few of the most important benefits of using solar power for your home.
The first thing that should be noted is that solar power is probably your best option for saving cash, which is by far and large the biggest reason that this power source is taking off recently in record numbers. Solar power was once such an expensive technology to install that it discouraged the average homeowner from even considering it, only businesses and those with large amounts of cash were able to meet their power needs with solar panels. Today this is not the case; you have a few different options for getting the solar panels you need to meet your power needs. The first is the traditional approach, getting them installed by professionals. This is still a bit expensive but pays for itself in the long run. The middle of the road method is to buy kits, all the parts and instructions, and install the solar panels yourself. You shave off a hefty amount of upfront costs this way and it begins to save you money much more quickly, although some labor is involved. The final solution is to purchase a solar panel guide on the Internet, these usually include written instructions as well as video tutorials and locations to purchase all materials. This option allows you to get your solar panels for incredibly cheap and start saving within the first couple of months, however it is very labor intensive. So you can see solar power is now a viable solution to saving money, without having to wait years for your investment to pay for itself.

Another great benefit of solar power in your home is the fact that it is so environmentally friendly. Being that solar panels emit no byproduct and are very passive you greatly reduce your carbon footprint by harnessing solar power. Most of the electricity in the US is produced from burning coal, what do you think is more environmentally friendly here? This is sort of a no brainer. Using solar power in your home actually allows you to feel good about your positive impact on the environment.

The third largest benefit that solar power, used in your home, provides is the bigger picture. Currently the US is engaged in a war over oil. If more people used alternative, renewable and free power sources, such as solar power, at home then our dependence on foreign fossil fuels would be greatly decreased. Although you cannot change this yourself this movement is growing. It is sort of like voting, your one vote may not count but if nobody votes then what?

Hopefully now you have learned about the many benefits of solar power in your home. Save money, save the environment and help your country with one simple action. Begin producing your own solar power, at home, for your electricity needs.

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World’s First Solar Powered Cell Phones Now Available

You’re at the park on a nice sunny day when Grandma calls, you answer your cell phone and without warning it dies. You forgot to charge it last night; Grandma will have to wait. However, if a company out of China has its way, that would never happen to you again.
Hi-Tech Wealth claims to have successfully created something that cell phone companies around the world have been testing for years, a solar powered cell phone.

The company says that the phone’s solar panel can be charged from the sun or any artificial light source. An hour of being in the light is enough to give you 40 minutes of talk time.

While Hi-Tech Wealth may not be a well known company in the United States, they are one of the top cell phone providers in China. So does this mean the United States won’t be seeing a solar powered cell phone any time soon?

Hi-Tech Wealth holds eight patents on the new device and hopes to start manufacturing the phones for the highest bidder. However, it could be another year before they hit the streets in the United States, if ever.

Who are these phones marketed towards?

If the phones ever actually make it to the United States, it’s likely that they won’t be much more than a novelty. Phones these days can remain charged for days before needing to be plugged in and a phone charger is never far away. But for poorer countries, the solar powered cell phone just may be the device that propels them into the 21st century.

Many rural communities in China still do not have electricity, so having a cell phone has been almost impossible, but now even the most remote towns and villages would be able to communicate via cell phones. Not to mention that the phones could bring the first glimpse of the Internet to many people. In fact, the Chinese Government has already secured and pre-ordered 50,000 units for testing in rural areas.

The S116, their first commercially available solar powered phone, retails for $510 and has already become a hit in China, but to compete in other markets the price will have to drop significantly. Competitors such as the iPhone by Apple, which is slated for a June 29th release, will be sold at a lower price ($499) than the S116.

Source: Hitech Wealth, URL: (

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Use DIY Solar Power to Save Cash at Home

Presently, the fossil fuels all over the world are diminishing fast and if care is not taken then in the near future we will be left with none. In such a scenario, alternatives have to be found so that they can be used along with the fossil fuels to prolong exhausting the remaining stock. Solar power is one such fuel, which can help in preventing this depletion as it can last forever. Further, using solar energy enables us to cut costs in our electricity bills as well as add worth to our home. It also does not dirty the environment. According to Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, “the subsequent industrial revolution will be founded on clean green technologies”.
Compared to wind power, solar power is silent energy. It does not make a noise like wind power. Further, the only cost involved in solar energy is the setting up charges for panels and related equipments. After the installation of the solar power system, the maintenance required for cells and solar panels is minimal as there are no moving parts involved. Therefore, changing to solar energy gives you the power to save your money and in the process also save the globe.

Solar power is also preferred to wind power as negative affects of wind turbines are becoming more apparent recently. This includes the exploding of bats and birds that stray too near to the units, most probably due to the humming pitch emitted by wind turbines. This fact may make solar panels the only true environmentally friendly power source currently available for home use.

With other options available in the market, some people are no longer interested in getting inflated electricity bills, others prefer to do away with bills totally, and a few are concerned with producing their own power supplies for personal usage, as well as to sell to power departments. It is here the importance of “Do It Yourself DIY” solar panels can be seen. DIY is a straightforward guide that helps us in making our own panels so that we can get renewable energy. By using DIY instructions, you can easily construct your own panels, and save money and the environment in the process. They are the eye-catching guides to solar power’s future. You can always elect to have a contractor do the job for you, but with DIY solar panels you can be living off the grid in an environmentally friendly fashion, and saving cash, for a very minimal start up cost.

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Frito-Lay Begins Using Solar Power at Phoenix, Arizona, Facility

According to a new press release from Pepsi-Co, Frito-Lay (a 10-billion-dollar convenience foods division of Pepsi-Co) dedicated the new solar electric energy system that will help provide power for the Arizona Service Center, the company’s largest distribution facility in the entire nation.
The press release states the new solar power system at the Arizona plant boasts a 201-kilowatt capacity and is comprised of more than 1,000 Kyocera high-output 200-watt photovoltaic (PV) modules, making for a system that will produce some 350,000 kilowatt hours of electricity and deserving of this title: Arizona’s largest private-sector PV system. PV systems do not create any emissions. Frito-Lay’s Arizona Service Center PV system, which takes sunlight and converts into electricity, is directly connected into Frito-Lay’s electrical system and will help provide a portion of the plant’s energy demands during the daytime.

The installation of the new PV system was partly conducted by APS Solar Partners Incentive Program, an entity offering incentives to those who purchase solar systems or solar water heaters for residential and commercial use. The incentive program is approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission and is funded by APS customers. American Solar Electric, Inc., is the Scottsdale, AZ, photovoltaic-power firm that designed and installed the PV system at the Frito-Lay Arizona Service Center.

“Our company is proud to be a part of Frito-Lay’s overall sustainability program through the construction of this solar electric system,” Sean Seitz, President of American Solar Electric, is quoted as having said in the Pepsi-Co news release.

As Pepsi-Co remarks in their press release, the Frito-Lay Arizona Service Center has become the company’s seventh distribution center to be outfitted with a PV power supply system; the other six PV-powered distribution centers are located in California and New York. Frito-Lay made grand efforts to increase their company’s environmental harmony when, in 2005, they opened its first “environmentally friendly” distribution facility in New York.

In the press statement, Richard Beck, the senior vice-president of operations for Frito-Lay North America said “[i]n concert with PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose efforts around environmental sustainability, Frito-Lay’s sustainability programs have focused on conserving vital resources and implementing environmentally friendly solutions like renewable energy sources,” Beck went onto say that “[b]y using solar power in our Service Center , we are harnessing one of Arizona ‘s natural and powerful assets — the sun. This project helps the environment, Phoenix and the greater Arizona community, a valued partner.”


“Frito-Lay ‘Flips Switch’ On Solar Power at Phoenix Facility.” Pepsi-Co. 5 October 2007. p;=irol-newsArticle ID;=1059501 highlight;

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Going Green in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Are you going green in Tulsa? There are many different options for going green here. First, there’s the obvious: Shut off lights, drive less and plant trees. But what are the other options in Tulsa?
I went on a mission to explore some of the “green” possibilities in Tulsa. The first and most inexpensive option is to recycle. Tulsa offers curbside pickup twice a month for $4. Newspaper, office paper, plastics, junk mail, magazines, glass and aluminum are the items collected. Tulsa also offers 5 free drop off centers throughout the city. They are at Admiral amp; Louisville at Piggly Wiggly, 21st amp; 129th at Aldi, 35th amp; Sheridan,81st amp; Lewis at Wal-Mart, 51st amp; Union at Warehouse Market. They centers are open 24 hours a day and collect the same items that the curbside service collects as well as phone books, eyeglasses, batteries, motor oil and antifreeze. Tulsa also offers twice annual household pollutant collection events.

Besides recycling, there are also solar panel and solar water businesses right in Tulsa. Two examples of this are Sun City Solar energy which offers solar power, solar water, solar pool heating, and solar heating and Green Country Solar offering the same services. Alternatively, there is wind power. Harvest Solar and Wind Power offers wind power solutions as well as solar.

If you want to be more efficient, you can have your house inspected for heat and energy loss. One company that does this is Infrared Inspection Oklahoma. This might actually be a good place to start because using more heat and energy then you need is never green.

As you can see there are many green options in Tulsa, Oklahoma though this list is by no means exhaustive. I set out on this journey thinking that I wouldn’t find much, but I got a delightful surprise. There are many options and many resources to tap into here in Tulsa to help residents live greener lives.

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Consider Home Windmill Electricity Kits

Are you constantly looking for ways to save money with a renewable energy source? If so, it’s finally possible with a new and advanced technology. Well, it’s actually old technology, just a bit more advanced than it used to be! This technology is windmills, but not the expensive commercial kinds – the cheap windmill kits.
The one way this article will speak about is a Windmill Electricity Kit. It can save us all tons of money on our electricity bill on a monthly and even yearly basis. You can save up to thousands of dollars depending on what location you reside in – and it can even earn you some money back from the electricity company. That’s right, you can produce more electricity than your home consumes and sell the excess back to your electricity company. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a check from your power company every month?

Some of the windmill generators can cost well over $10,000 and this is rather unreasonable. The best thing for you to do is find a specific system that will work for you that can more than likely pay itself off in the first month or two at least. This system should be able to give you majority of the renewable energy that you could possibly need. Many people that have right to use to these electricity kits for windmills have made a side business and have made their system that much more profitable for themselves and their families.

A windmill works rather simply and each has a rotary blade. The wind is the energy, which is transmitted to the windmill gears, which is then transmitted to the electric cable then on to a transformer, where the energy is able to be stored and used or saved for use later.

It’s not that difficult to build on your very own windmill electricity kit and will save you tons of money as well as give you the possibility of starting your own business! You can find guides on the market that will teach you a systematic approach to building your own windmill and making your very own renewable energy!

Hopefully what you have learned here will help to inspire you to take the next step towards running your home on renewable energy through the use of windmill electricity kits. Stop having to pay an electric bill and relying on harmful and nonrenewable fossil fuels. Don’t wait for the government to go green, corporate America has too much riding on oil. The green movement starts now, with you and your new windmill electricity kit for your home.

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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Solar Powered Lights

Outdoor solar powered lights are becoming a regular addition to many peoples yards and homes. Solar powered lights add a unique ambiance to your yard in the evenings, make great decorations and can be quite practical as well, adding light to otherwise dark areas of your yard. Here are tips for choosing the right outdoor solar powered light for your yard, as well as what options you have when purchasing solar lights.
Outdoor solar powered lights have become popular for a variety of reasons. Many people like the fact that these lights use solar power, which is not only better for the environment, but easier on their electric bill as well. Outdoor solar lights are also easier to install than traditional wired lights, making it a snap for your average Joe or Suzie homemaker to install on their own.

Decorative accent solar powered lights are one of the most commonly purchased forms of outdoor lighting. These solar lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If positioned correctly, decorative accent lights can serve a practical purpose of lighting a dark area, however most of the time, these lights are meant to be used purely as decoration. If you are looking for an attractive way to add some life to your yard at night, decorative solar powered accent lights are definitely for you.

If your not concerned about appearance, and want an outdoor solar light for practical purposes, you may prefer choosing a solar powered spot light, or path light. Solar powered spot lights act as any other spotlight, and focus lighting on a particular area. These lights are great for outside doorways, or particularly dark areas of your yard that you would like to brighten up for safety reasons. Of course, you can also use a solar powered spot light to accent a particular landscape feature in the evenings as well. The downside to outdoor solar powered spotlights is that they generally require more energy than smaller solar lights. Because of this, they often have cords attaching them to a solar panel, rather than an internal and smaller photovoltaic cell.

Outdoor solar path lights are another favorite pick, both for practicality and beauty. These path lights can be placed in many areas of your yard to accent favorite flower beds or paths in the evening, or can be placed along driveways and walk ways to help provide a safely lighted path. Solar powered path lights come in variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Many are staked and meant to be stuck into the ground, however there are also others that can be hung from trees or poles, or strung on wires as well.

Whatever type of lighting you are looking for to help illuminate your yard, your sure to find an outdoor solar powered light that will fit your needs. Every time I go to the store, I find more and more styles of solar powered lights available to purchase. If you don’t have any outdoor solar powered lights in your yard already, you should get some. You’ll certainly be glad that you did!

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