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Wind Generators and Solar Power

Nic and I have talked about living “off the grid” a couple of times. I don’t think we would ever be TOTALLY self sufficient, but I think it would be a way to save money and not rely on the government or private utilities. Don’t get the idea that we are anti government. I know when I was younger, that was the idea I got when I heard of families and groups of people that decided to live like this.
In our situation I think it would be a good idea to stay connected to the power grid. the reasons for this are; if we don’t succeed the first try we wont be left in the dark, and if we do have success, the power we produce in excess of what we use could be credited to our account. Then in times of no sun or wind the credits would be used from the power company and we would still have lights.

I’ve only read a little about what is needed for wind generators. It seems simple enough to give it a shot first, when the time comes. For solar power the price seems to be the inhibitor for most of what I’ve read. Not only the initial price of the solar panels, but the replacement of them also. A good hailstorm comes along and there goes a good bit of money.

If anyone reading has tried or knows someone that has tried this (success or not) please let us know. It will be a few years down the road before we can do this but any information we get is appreciated.

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Green Gift Ideas: Solar Power

When the ordinary person thinks of solar panels, they typically picture this huge setup and installation processes, involving costly professional services, hours of labor and thousands of feet of wires and cables. However, with technology advancing at the ever-increasing pace that it is, solar panels have become much more efficient in recent years, and much more compact and smaller in size when compared to their older generation counterparts.
Because solar panels are increasing in storage capacity but decreasing in physical size and proportions, solar panels and other solar-powered objects have now become excellent, affordable gift ideas. Why give your beloved friend or family member a gift that requires batteries (which they will have to purchase in the future to continue using your gift) when you can give them a solar-powered item that never needs batteries?

Solar panels and other solar powered objects can truly be considered the gift that keeps on giving. Because there are no batteries are electricity used, you will actually be saving the gift recipient money over time – something anybody can appreciate in these difficult financial times. And don’t forget the fact that you’ll be helping to do your part in preserving our environment, too – another important issue which is on the mind of many Americans today.

While solar panels have become more affordable in the recent months and years, full solar systems are still a little bit on the pricey side to be considered a viable gift option for many. However, there are smaller sized, individual panels that can be purchased at relatively low costs. These can also be installed rather quickly and easily, and some may provide enough power to run an entire living room, home office or garage, for example.

Outdoor, solar-powered lights make great gift ideas that are also inexpensive, too. Lights are available in a variety of colors and styles, and are designed for many different purposes. Solar powered lights can be used to light up dark walkways and paths at night, or to add some vibrant color to a garden or a flowerbed in the dark. Solar powered motion lights are also a great idea. These can be installed right on the side of the house, and provide security without having to worry about changing costly batteries or running up your electric bill.

And because solar panels have become compact and so versatile lately, newly updated designs are being released often, and many new items on the market are solar powered. Solar really is the way of the future – help spread the technology by giving a solar powered gift to someone you love today.