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What is solar energy?

Ensure that all abused the idea of energy sources is in competition with each other has views to me for some time. It seems that the arguments are all about solar vs. hydrølektrisk vs. wind vs. oil in front of (insert your favorite here). The shipment, there might be an argument of all truly solar energy. In summary, each the result of solar energy in the world, the source will be saved for future use, as a giant battery. We consider examples of solar energy in various forms of the following?

Solar panels capture the light photons is converted directly into electric current relating to be used immediately or stored in batteries for later distribution. This is the more direct use of solar energy and that most people consider “solar energy”.

Electricity Hydro used since ancient times, the use of water flow downhill trend. Be human discovered in ancient times, if we need to channel and focus energy, stored in lakes of altitude, we will be able to use their power. The Dam was built in modern times and strømningens water is routed through the turbine, type to generate electricity. If you feel that the water is deposited in high elevation Lake caused by solar evaporation of water at low altitudes and condensation on the higher elevations, is its potential energy is simply the result of solar energy; Eliminates the step.

Wind, used for millennia, is a method for obtaining natural air and videnmængde as a source of energy movements. As air passes through the blade Windmill is converted into mechanical energy, which turns a generator, creating electricity, distributed to where necessary. What we call wind, is not higher than the air which is forced to move due to the warming and cooling cycle caused by solar energy. Parts of the planet from the Sun’s heat is another cold. Because hot air rises, cooler air sinks results of air flow on the planet. Moreover, there is only one or two steps removed from the origin of solar energy.

The oil produced when the plants absorb the energy from the Sun. Through Photosynthesis plants absorb the energy of sunlight and is used to convert the carbon atoms and hydrogen fuel hydrocarbons their biological processes. As the plants die they become part of the biomass that is under the feet. Over time, are dead plants falling from Earth, compressed, heated and processed become what is known as oil, coal and oil shale. Over time, become hydrocarbon condensates and high-density fuel cell plant of our economy. This is also a form of solar energy only few times removed from the source.

Consider that even the wood is a source of solar energy. People use wood as a fuel source for thousands of years. Shortens the process simply by the passage in comparison with the help of hydrocarbons. The source, only a few steps removed from solar energy from the Sun.

The Argument is even possible that the geothermal and nuclear explosion began with the start of the solar energy. As the planets forming dispatched significant quantities of energy and heavy elements Sun the essence of our Earth. What can we know nuclear fuel is, however, the remnants of the learning process. This is probably the oldest source of solar energy.

This is the point. Any source of energy is limited, although it is millions of years. If it doesn’t last source faster than “battery of receptacles” shall be replaced by will Run dry, and our economy will stop finmales. How can we engage in a conversation on the future of our energy needs, makes sense both in me, we finds that he no longer a source of energy with less negative long-term effects, so that we can all enjoy the benefits and abundance that offers on the planet.

The advantages of the compilation of all defenders together under a banner you can find the best solution for our energy needs? I leave them to discuss this issue and decide how to make Your time and effort.

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Solar Gadgets: with an impressive for mentally ill

Solar power has crept into almost all of the things that we can listen to music, camping and even doubts. Therefore, it is time to take a look at some of the more practical and impractical solar gadgets are available now.

Practical solar Gadgets:

1) adopting the solar powered lights: the idea is fascinating: a light source, driven by a light source. There is also a pleasant reception line that lamps can be used in a variety of ways for many different purposes. Get solar lamps are strictly for use indoors. Absorption of energy during the day and confinement at night (for a limited period). For detailed instructions, lamps, which are only in the open air and indoor and outdoor lighting of the Sun. Each way for the future is bright.

(2) Solar-powered car: fans are a great solution for long car cannot be avoided driving into heat in the day, particularly in the regions of warm country. Fans are typically placed on the mirror, which are ideal for the absorption of sunlight and battles with updating fresh air inside the car.

(3) Solar tents: campers tend to be enthusiasts of nature and nature enthusiasts have an interest in protecting the planet and solar tents are excellent. Multiple companies that specializes in outdoor equipment now produce their own versions of the Sun tent. Generally the attached some flexible light solar panels on the front of the store over the flap. The panels, then give power for lighting, battery charger for phones, iPods and other portable devices.

(4) Solar Backpacks: again, it is particularly useful for campers, but also works for people who spend their days in the city. Solar backpack is essentially generator uptake and storage of energy, so you can download the gadget anywhere. Solar panels are used in these backpacks are by necessity, an easy and flexible easy transport and storage of information.

Solar: crazy gadgets

1) Solar bikini: it is at the top of the list of solar gadgets work there. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini mini Player covered with solar panels generate enough energy to charge small iPod.

(2) the friends of the desktop: If you’re one of those people who like toys collection, but he is getting tired Brands classification and never bobbing ball tocking silver birds manage to get a decent drinking water and solar powered desk buddy may be what you’re looking for. Welcome to the Companion is a small character who was supposed to be cute, sitting on the platform of the Sun and nodes his head. All kinds of light, who gains. You can stop crush under its heel or throw out the nearest window. There are many characters are available in the inanely smiling head Jack Skellington round pink alien from the Nightmare before Christmas.

(3) Solar objects: the device is rather macabre comes with the monitor, which you can view the video 10 minutes to six times.

Or (4) solar power: know these hats Hat cool uber fan in front of? Well just have gone advanced. Now you can get, and even tending Hat osłonką helmet of sago from small solar panel on top of the meeting of the small fan in the shade. As proof, cool ever happens fashion.

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Education of children in the field of solar energy

I had the opportunity on several occasions this year to talk with the school for renewable energy and solar energy really. Always fun and oświecaniu for me and offers to get back to the community. And as with all new problems, I tend to learn more about what you learn. Here are a few things that I took the latter sessions:

Children learn this before than you think

One of the sessions was the sixth grade science. Already know much on the subject of more than half of the Bypass final speeches. He began to ask the group thinking ‘Jeśli the energy come from? ‘, does not recognize, all forms of our energy really begins with the Sun. Everything about, knew, they knew that the use of electricity and heat from the Sun. I was blown away by what they knew. The teacher told me, is currently part of the curriculum in secondary education the most.

This does not mean that we assume they need knowledge about the subject, but this topic is definitely on radar. We are breeding a generation of children to learn more about energy in a way which has never formally taught. And best of all: did the speech in a small town in rural areas, which is the only industry is coal mining and coal plants. Most of the parents is likely to be direct with the company’s coal. However, the children of the Sun and excite them.

Solar energy is intuitive for children

For most children, saying in the Sun emits energy Sai that his oven can cook of the circle. Natural is to them. Most children never appear, plants or transmission lines or coal mines. As you can see, almost daily, the Sun. Accidentally have looked at and to sunburns and can feel how powerful it is. Yes, I will say to you that we use to produce energy is easy.

Of course, explain how to actually convert sunlight to electricity is difficult. My analogy birthday, which is more or less like this: there is a birthday party room in the House of his friends. All behave and amusements, only three of a kind of grinding and talking quietly in one space. He runs the music thunderous, then gives the children a large amount of sugar and converts heat into the room. What happens then? Children good blast home room runs everything and extended its power in any part of the home and outside patio. By the first Hall solar panels, electric charges and the children are sugar, heat and music is the light of the Sun. You can populate the rest. Of course, children’s school told them he was prom and someone had injected Punch and started playing hip-hop. You get the idea.

There is a Great show that there are no tools

Just be you so far, analogy, and ultimately will have to show how it works. Fortunately, there are some cool sets there to help you (full disclosure: sell sets of edit on my site). Works best in my experience for the teaching of solar energy for children in the Solar Electric House. This is a small set of affordable, featuring a panel of the thin layer, small fan movement and LED. The fan is big to show as direct/indirect questions of sunlight, as it slows down and speeds up as changes the angle of the Sun. The Led can be used to indicate the importance of energy efficiency. And already in the set is from the home, children can be creative with recycling (field second hand shoes are excellent). Built-in one class still some clear plastic and a thermometer to demonstrate solar and passive solar concepts.

For younger children there are some solar toy. There are racing cars and motorized animals which may be mounted is fun in itself. Come to see, clear and simple, there is a solar panel (page above!), and then move the toy. Bring sunlight without movement. It is easy and fun way to demonstrate solar energy.

Make them by the police power

At the end of each session, please give them an assignment shopping for items to take home. It is not work both as an excuse to parents about the head. I show them the light bulb and bulb of the CFL and tell them to return home and count how many can be found. Then you can explain to parents why CFL and LED bulbs in each party. Also split the other simple things you can close the doors to unused rooms, block windows and lowering the thermostat a little by little. Energy Star is a website for children, give them to take home and let us hope that some parents to mount the wastes in the form.

How to teach children about solar energy

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Whether panels solares-es in solar panel entitled the home?

Solar Panel can be very useful for many households. Many people thinking about installing solar panels on their houses, but you do not know whether a suitable home. There are some factors that determine if the dom is suitable to a solar panel, such as the alignment of the workforce and the roof. The good news is that most of the houses of the world are in fact good Web sites for the solar panel is installed. We want to go for some additional information to help you, that you decide if a solar panel is right at home.

One important thing to consider is the place where these panels are set is shaded trees, buildings or other obstructions on or not. Of course, if the area covered by a large amount of shadow during most of the day, and then select the second-or other sources of renewable energy. Many homes have at least one area, suitable for installation of panels. See area of labels that you want to use for installation and to reduce how much sun hits the site throughout the day. If seen as a good location for the site, must then, measure the area and ensure that the size matches the size you want to install.

Should think about the strength of the roof below. Most controls are strong enough to keep the Geneses bars so as to examine this option. The Panel can be fitted with a frame or may be on board. Geneses of weight not long panels through which the system of multiple Panel does not put too much weight on Your roof. It is very important that the Solar Panel is stable. Check with local officials, to see how the construction standards applicable to their situation. If you want to make small changes to comply with the codes.

Finally, we believe that the horizontal alignment of the Panel. Panels can be set up against the South. This will improve the productivity and power. In relation to the slope of the roof will have to make any special design or install customized to manage the group. If the roof is flat, are ideal to organize the tone and direction of the group. Take time to consider these points and then move the installation, if it transpires that a solar panel is suitable for home.

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How to create electricity from photovoltaic arrays

Solar energy is the semiconductor technology field includes the direct conversion of solar radiation into electricity. This is a process that provides electricity to solar panels. Sunlight consists of multiple packets of energy called photons. Cells, which form the basis of photovoltaic system consists of materials semiconductor such as Silicon. These materials have the ability to absorb photons and electrons separated from their atoms phenomenon called the “photoelectric effect”.

Then, the electrons travel through the circuit built in Solar Cell currents form. Already the basic solar normally produces a small amount of energy you need to connect to several cells Panel (module) to increase their production. A range of modules in Watts output, depending on its size. If you require more power, more modules can be combined together to form the matrix. A complete system will require a certain “balance system components” supervise the distribution of the usage and origin.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as a practical way of making electricity in your home. Photovoltaic system may be integrated in the main circuit and operated lindman in three ways:

(1) of the grid where the system operates independently without tools company, requiring storage drums during quiet periods the production backup power.

(2) the System connected to the network is running in tangent with power tools. Delete generates more power set of an ordinary will serve as a primary source.

(3) hybrid System is the use of the Sun and wind turbine generator. This is a very efficient and can be connected over a network or travelling.

Suggestion: If the system is connected to a network and generates more power to use the company is obliged to buy excess power through a system of measurement and speed. Access to the system of hybrid doubles the chances of making more electricity.

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Flexible through small solar panels Sloneczna toys and gadgets

There are many different types of flexible solar panels, which use different materials as his medium. Which ultimately purchased power toys and gadgets that are dependent on whatever your needs.

Therefore, you should know what they want with their flexible solar panels in the form of voltage, current, and food. Some programs require on the upper part, you can use a lightweight and flexible solar panel so that the ratio between the weight of the power supply will be high. One aircraft powered by solar energy programs that require their photovoltaic panels as the simplest.

Flexible cells and modules to make photovoltaics semiconductor layers on the substrate material, flexible. Generally are not as effective as polycrystalline cells. But they are widely used for small applications such as toys and gadgets due to its weight, thickness and the ability to bend.

Researchers recently have broken new records in the efficiency of thin cells. Previous record 17.6% effectiveness now is driven 18.7% of researchers in the pursuit of dialogue, the Swiss federal laboratories for materials science and technology. These solar cells from Indian copper gallium selenide (CIGS) on a flexible substrate.

Has a different type of flexible PV Panel recently. This time experienced researchers from Institute of technology in New Jersey (NJIT) of photovoltaic material that can be painted or printed on a piece of flexible plastic. They hope that the process of production for this type of flexible to be relatively simple and cost-effective PV Panel.

This progress is the great impetus to the scientific community, and in the world. If the flexible photovoltaic panels can be as effective as polycrystalline cells, the price of solar panels will drop significantly. As a result, more people can buy panels photovoltaic to feed all the homes and offices. Will also reduce pollution and there will be fewer greenhouse gases which liberates the atmosphere each year.

Efficiency of solar cells, flexible we use every day are now less than 10 percent. Although the scientists and engineers will be able to create high-performance tests in the laboratory, not found a way to manufacture these products using the process cost-effective.

In this connection, the high efficiency of thin solar panels are still very expensive and are available only in laboratories. As long as the producers are able to earn high-performance, flexible panels are not, we will be able to use them to power toys and gadgets.

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Advantages of solar chargers

Sun power has come a long way from a single source of light and heat. As the world is inclined toward cleaner technology, solar energy in the development of solar chargers can now be seized. Solar panels are becoming more flexible and stable during the year. They are now available in various shapes and sizes; Some even fit into the Palm. A wide range of products can now take advantage of the Sun, radios, laptop computers and telephones to both as motorcycles, cars and boats.

Advantages of Solar Chargers for the use of electricity is growing in recent years. Solar energy is a source of renewable energy and can be one of the most important solutions to the problems of pollution and energy crisis. Advancements in battery cell technology can support the portability and storage of information power. Output lines are designed to recharge the battery gadget time to integrate lamp should be used, although the light of the Sun is visible. Imagine a morning stroll while charging your mobile phone without long cables without the implementation of projects under the law.

Another advantage of solar powered chargers are available during emergencies where they can be useful and we have now. Connecting the solar charger is the availability of solar energy.

Why not discover more advantages of solar chargers today? To minimize the Carbon Footprint today while you enjoy the technology of tomorrow.

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Panels solar panels solares Lisboa: Cómo situar cost anyway?

When I was thinking to produce its own power from solar panels? It is the beginning thought that comes to mind, what would be the cost. If the panels are too expensive, would not be useful for you in the long term. Why are the costs of solar panel such as well as high? Recent growth in the demand for solar energy has driven the price of materials needed to create solar panels. Another reason is that, although solar energy exists since a long time and really did not win the mainstream account. High quality solar panel costs shall be determined by the energy produced.

Panel 4.5 amp costs the price of over $ 80/amp, add accessories, blood pressure meters, fittings, regulators and cables (about 100-200 dollars) in total, about 500 dollars on a system complete the Panel. For this reason there are not many great players with a solar panel business. With this increase in competition, these companies are may charge a premium for products and services.

However, there is good news, although there is a way to avoid the high cost of a solar panel and save thousands. There are ways to do this, the cheaper. What if I told him that you can build your own solar panels at home at a fraction of the price that that the cost would be performed by one of these large companies. Can you think about building a solar panel is difficult, but not really. You can go to the hardware store to pick up supplies or can be purchased via the Internet.

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Household heating in the heat of the Sun in the Sun

With the concept of solar heating heating bills of materials are kept very low, even non-existent. There are several ways to do this, but they generally are classified in two main groups; They use active solar energy generation, and then there is the passive solar energy. Most of the people, which is designing a house use this source of free energy, hiding the costs of optional tools, of course, such an attack from two angles. In other words, what are some of the ways in which you can apply to your home? We need to look at some …

Passive solar heating, House types are the easiest to implement habits-it is a matter of the curtains in the window Open to allow light and Windows itself to the way they are now are practically warm lentils and act as a magnifying glass by heating to solar House passive. Something a bit more complicated, involving the use of plastic bottle filled with water to half of internal Black, perhaps also use plates with plastic Fresnel Lens. Dark colors absorb the rays of the Sun more efficiently and heated water as circulating, and then at home to form passive solar heating. As an independent entity for the exclusive use of heating hot water can replace conventional hot water on a heated House passive solar system.

Active solar heating can provide home heat even through electrical products, solar, solar cell, which is actively producing electricity for the entire household. This is more efficient now than decades ago when the solar panels started the first time it will be very popular. Like other systems of energy-saving solar panel production has many stages of development in the years and with more efficient means of production and use of materials of a higher quality, the cost of these was very low in comparison. In addition, the production of solar energy is significantly higher than what it was decades ago. Now you can go one today that, as very few can do early to mid 1970s.

I use solar heating, origin energy, which can significantly reduce costs, but more importantly, the fossil fuels must not be eaten, the by-products of incineration must not be the first in the sky. Solar energy is probably the source of clean energy alternatives, when really you think about it. This resource is the free energy, maintenance of our portfolio on only one side of the coin …, except our environment is necessary. This type of energy consumption is perhaps the simplest is, in respect of the use of energy, which collected from the environment yesterday. Whether the Sun, which gives you, take the free.

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Advantages of solar leasing home

With the Sun, the most abundant source of energy in the world, certainly not a strange man tried to exploit its power of centuries. In the mid-20th century with the desire and man of science is primarily from cars to houses with solar photovoltaic systems. Since 1990 the owners were able to purchase solar electricity systems to feed their homes. In recent years, with the help of incentives of the Government aid to shipyards for the conversion of large (often $ 40,000-80 000) was the acquisition of these systems are becoming more widespread. But for those who wanted Sun, but it was unable to sign, until 2005, when a pioneer of the concept of David Gregg for Citizenre solar leasing.

Sun leasing offers more companies from all over the country, helps owners increase their consumption of clean energy, minimize energy consumption and reduce dirty monthly total cost in energy. Most applications involve little or no money down, and in the case of Citizenre, which block the owners of up to 20 years.

Now Americans make up about 5 percent of the world’s population and consumes nearly 26% of energy in the world. Use of solar energy, Americans can preserve the natural energy of great direction of the Earth, such as coal, gas and oil. Solar thermal technology can revolutionize how people live, is a viable solution for the 2 million people in the world, there are currently without electricity. In fact, many third world countries, represents the fastest market growth for the manufacturing of solar energy. Using solar energy instead of simply going green, is an important contribution to the well-being of our future.

Companies like Citizenre, is the result of the State aid solarizing to enable solar systems for consumers, the cost of their tools, and then sell the excess power to supply the company with tax credits or rebates received for the production of clean energy. The customer signed the agreement on fixed-length pay for Citizenre, flat on the Rate of hiring 10 or 20 years. The rate for each of the cicielem House for rent is determined by the average rate of the local electric utility.

House in life gets a lot of benefit to the owner of the solar system without risks. The ¶ cicielem House for rent will have a positive cash flow from the first month. In addition, if you move, sell a home or homes, you can transfer or withdraw from the contract without penalty. If the price rises in the electric utility for 15 years, would the cicielem House for rent benefit do not have to pay them. The House with the correct exposure and minimum solar shading in the lease is an economic decision for green and intelligent.